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Dec. 17, 2007

As part of their contributions to the NSF-funded TeraGrid, Indiana University is making public their Centralized Life Science Data (CLSD) service. CLSD is a platform that makes publically-available data sets, including PubMed, several NCBI BLAST databases, and dbSNP, accessible with a single SQL query, allowing researchers to merge search results from multiple sources. Researchers can also create their own queries. The University is currently offering CLSD in pilot mode, and is actively soliciting input and users to test and expand the service.

has built the world's largest Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) supercomputer configuration featuring 70 FPGAs. The supercomputer completed a BLAST-n query in 33 minutes, 900 times faster than the same application would run on a traditional cluster. The configuration is made up of off-the-shelf compentens including the SGI RASC appliance.

Thermo Fisher Scientific
has partnered with Controval, C.A., a Venezuelan company, to open a sales center for Thermo Scientific informatics solutions in Venezuela and the Caribbean.  Thermo hopes that the local office will better serve their existing South American customers.

NextGen Sciences and the Harvard Institute of Proteomics have announced a collaboration that marks the start of NextGen's Center of Excellence Program. The program will focus on integrating the company's information management software, orchestratorIMS, with Harvard's clone database to develop automated methods for multi construct design.

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