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Best of Show: IT Infrastructure

June 13, 2007

Software to Manage Storage
WinnerIsilon IQ delivers a single file system that unifies and provides instant and ubiquitous access to the rapidly growing stores of digital content and unstructured data, eliminating the cost and complexity barriers of traditional storage architectures.  OneFS 4.5 is a unified operating system software layer that powers all of Isilon’s IQ family of clustered storage systems including the Isilon IQ 1920, 3000, 6000, Accelerator, and EX 6000. OneFS 4.5 delivers one Petabyte of capacity and 10 Gigabytes per second of performance in a single file system and single volume. Additionally, OneFS 4.5 includes FlexProtect-AP, featuring the storage industry’s first implementation of N+3 and N+4 data protection, enables customers to withstand the loss of three or four simultaneous disks or nodes within very large clusters while maintaining 100 percent availability of all data. (See Bio•IT World, Dec 2006/Jan 2007.)Product: OneFS 4.5
Company: Isilon
Available: Now
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Ensuring Data Availability
Pantera storage arrays integrate enterprise features such as dual hardware controllers and hot standby disks to ensure the highest levels of data availability. User selectable options match availability and performance with application requirements. Purpose-built for large-scale server and storage consolidation, Pantera lets you start with an affordable entry configuration then scale seamlessly as requirements grow. In a full configuration, Pantera Clustered NAS can accommodate over 20,000 users, petabytes of data, and can deliver throughput up to 2.4GB per second, enough performance to accommodate 64,000 simultaneous broadband-quality video streams.
Product: Pantera Clustered NAS
Company: ONStor
Available: Now
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Increased Speed and Energy Efficiency
The SGI RASC appliance featuring accelerated BLAST, is a turnkey bioinformatics solution based on an SGI system running an FPGA-accelerated version of BLAST-n developed by Mitrionics.  This tightly-coupled hardware/software solution simplifies the deployment of a BLAST query solution, while completing large BLAST-n queries up to 20 times faster with 90 percent less power than Opteron- or Xeon-based systems.
Product: RASC Appliance for Bioinformatics, featuring Mitrion Accelerated BLAST-n
Company: SGI
Available: Now
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Plug-In Accelerator Board
ClearSpeed’s Advance e620 accelerator board combines two CSX600 processors in a PCIe form factor that delivers over 50 gigaflops of sustained double-precision general matrix-matrix multiply (DGEMM) performance while averaging less than 25W. The CSX600, an embedded parallel processor with 96 cores that executes up to 25 billion 64-bit floating-point operations per second (Flops), consuming an average of 10 Watts of energy. It is the world’s fastest and most power efficient 64-bit floating point processor. The Advance e620 board plugs into industry standard workstations and servers without any modification via available x8 PCIe slots
Product: Advance e620
Company: ClearSpeed
Available: Now
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Image Database
IQbase is a powerful image asset management database that helps multiple users to store, query, and share large numbers of images and data.  It improves efficiency and collaboration both inside and outside of organizations while protecting valuable images. With IQbase, users can archive and retrieve images and data via a client-server database application as well as via the Internet, using the IQbrowser web application.  Users can streamline their image management workflow with easy “click and choose” tools for archiving, searching, reviewing, customizing and reporting image data.
Product: IQbase 2.5
Company: Media Cybernetics
Available: Now
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Accelerated Algorithm Computing Power
CLC Bioinformatics Cell comprises a set of complex CPU instructions, which accelerates bioinformatics algorithms on personal computers as well as computer clusters. It is based on SIMD technology, using existing SSE instruction sets in the computer processor. The product uses multiple cores; hence the computational acceleration is increased with the number of cores in the computer or cluster. Version 0.92 of the Bioinformatics Cell currently supports the bioinformatics algorithms of Smith-Waterman and ClustalW, with more to come. With the Cell, Smith-Waterman is accelerated to a speed that it can be compared to BLAST, but yielding 100% precise results.
Product: Bioinformatics Cell
Company: CLC Bio
Available: Now
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