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Champions 2.0

March 12, 2007 |  Five years ago, the inaugural issue of Bio•IT World featured a series of introductory interviews with the key executives and evangelists of 60 companies, enabling industry legends and rookie entrepreneurs alike to share their views on the bio-IT industry (see Champions of Bio-IT, March 2002). To mark our 5th anniversary, we offer the 2007 remix — Champions 2.0! We invited senior executives from 50 outstanding technology providers to answer a few simple questions. Here was their chance to reflect on their company's survival, their latest technology offerings, and their prospects looking ahead.

On the following pages, we feature the complete set of unedited answers for all our Champions.We use the term "Champions" as much in the sense of "advocate, fighter, and defender" as "winner." And for good reason, since of the companies featured in our first issue, 25 percent (and many more faces) have disappeared or changed. Several others are struggling to overcome ongoing challenges facing platform and tool providers.

A marked change in 2007 is the appearance of a number of eClinical companies, a field Bio•IT World now covers in depth, and key partners in expediting the passage of safe drugs. Microsoft, absent five years ago, not only appears but also is cited by several other executives for the expanding influence of its BioIT Alliance.

A couple of caveats: first and foremost, we do not claim this to be a scientific survey, merely illustrative of companies that are succeeding in their respective sectors, or that appear poised to do so. We should also note that a handful of companies we approached declined to participate, citing time constraints or other factors.

Our thanks to all of the executives for their time and cooperation. We trust we will see them — and you — in five years.

Allison Proffitt
Kevin Davies

Computing / IT Infrastructure

Abrevity — Joel Harrison, CTO

Active Motif — Christopher Hoover, TimeLogic Product Manager; Darryl Leon, AKS Product Manager

Adobe Systems Inc. — Melonie Warfel, Director WW Standards & Life Sciences

Apple Computer — Elizabeth Kerr, Director, Science and Technology Markets, Worldwide Pro Markets

BlueArc Corporation — James Reaney, Director, Research Markets

EMC Corporation — Roberta Katz, Director, Global Solutions Lead, Healthcare-Life Sciences

HP — Harry Kim, Director WW Health and Life Sciences

IBM — Michael Svinte, Vice President, Global Innovation, IBM Healthcare and Life Sciences

Isilon Systems -- Sujal Patel, Founder & CTO

Infosys — Eric Paternoster, Head, Life Sciences Business Unit

Microsoft — Don Rule, Platform Strategy Advisor

Oracle Corporation — Mychelle Mowrey, Vice President for Global Health Industries

Penguin Computing — Pauline Nist, Senior Vice President, Product Development & Management

SGI — Eng Lim Goh, Chief Technology Officer

Sun Microsystems — Joerg Schwarz, Director, Healthcare and Life Sciences

Informatics / Data Management

Accelrys — Mark Emkjer, President and CEO

CambridgeSoft — Michael Tomasic, Chairman, President, and CEO

Elsevier MDL — Lars Barfod, President and CEO

GenoLogics — Michael Ball, CEO

InforSense — Yike Guo, CEO and Founder

LabVantage Solutions — Jim Aurelio, President and CEO

SAS — Ed Helton, Chief Pharmaceutical and Regulatory Scientist

Spotfire — Christopher Ahlberg, Founder and CEO

The MathWorks — Jim Tung, MathWorks Fellow

Symyx — Isy Goldwasser, President

Clinical Trials Technology

ClinPhone — Steve Kent, CEO

Cognos — Bill Stevens, Senior Director, Life Sciences Solutions

Etrials Worldwide — John Cline, CEO

Nextrials — James Rogers, President and CEO

Phase Forward — Bob Weiler, President and CEO

Phoenix Data Systems — Bill Claypool, CEO

Knowledge Mining

Entelos — James Karis, President and CEO

Genstruct — Keith Elliston, President and CEO

Ingenuity — Jake Leschly, President and CEO; Ramon Feliciano, CTO and Vice President of Research

Insightful — Michael O’Connell, Director of Life Science Solutions

Pharsight — Shawn O’Connor, President and CEO

GNS — Colin Hill, CEO and Co-founder

GeneGo — Tatiana Nikolskaya, President and Founder, CSO

Linguamatics — Roger Hale, COO

Genomics / Proteomics

454 Life Sciences — Christopher McLeod, President and CEO

Agilent Technologies — Chris van Ingen, Senior Vice President

Applied Biosystems — Dennis Gilbert, Chief Scientific Officer

Caliper Life Sciences — Kevin Hrusovsky, President and CEO

Illumina — Jay Flatley, President and CEO

Thermo Fisher Scientific — Marc Casper, Executive Vice President

Bruker Daltonics — Herbert Thiele, Worldwide Head of Bioinformatics

Geospiza — Rob Arnold, President

Teranode — Joseph Duncan, CEO

Nanosphere — William Moffitt, President and CEO


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