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Focus on Proteomics

Nov. 13, 2007 | Bruker’s Compass 1.3 is ion trap software offering both electron transfer dissociation (ETD) and proton transfer reaction (PTR). The software also includes several new modes. PAN eliminates the low mass cut-off of ion traps, and ActiveEjection eliminates the most abundant ions to enhance dynamic range. Finally, Compass 1.3 offers dynamic scheduling to allow for monitoring hundreds of target compounds in parallel.

ProteinScape 2 software focuses on LC-MS/MS protein analysis for biomarker profiling, quantification, and validation. ProteinScape 2 supports all current label chemistries including multiplexed labels, as well as label-free quantification. The software has a number of data viewers that permit evaluation and validation on each level of proteomics experiments. The ProteinExtractor algorithm produces non-redundant protein result lists across entire projects, and the processing popeline adopts the HUPO Brain Proteomics Project processing guidelines.

Product: Compass 1.3; ProteinScape 2
Company: Bruker Daltonics
Available: Now
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