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Best Practices Project Summaries

July 14, 2008

Y Winner
H Honorable Mention
Q Editor’s Choice Award

Best Practices Program Details 

Basic Research, R&D

Y Applied Biosystems; Christian-Albrechts-University
Project Leader:
Francisco De La Vega, distinguished science fellow, VP SOLiD applications, Applied Biosystems
The Project: Pipeline for the identification of common susceptibility variants of functional significance for complex diseases

King Saud University
Project Leader:
Haseeb Ahmed Khan, assistant professor
The Project: Computer-assisted visualization and quantitation of gastric ulcers in rats

Laboratório de Imunopatologia Keizo Asami
Key Tech Partner:
CLC bio
Project Leader: Henrique Castelletti, Universidade Federale de Pernambuco
The Project: Characterization of polymorphic and proteomic profiles in patients infected with HPV and crystallographic analyses of viral proteins involved with cervical cancer

Malaysia Genome Institute
Key Tech Partner:
Silicon Graphics Inc.
Project Leader: Mohd Noor Mat Isa, laboratory manager, Malaysia Genome Institute
The Project: Upgraded lab integrating HPC and cluster computing

H University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute
Key Tech Partner:
Applied Cytometry
Project Leader: Vera Donnenberg, director of basic research, Heart, Lung, and Esophageal Surgery Institute, University of Pittsburgh
The Project: Tumorigenic stem and progenitor cells, implications for the therapeutic index of anti-cancer agents


Clinical Research

CRIX International
Project Leader:
Jim Bland, executive director
The Project: The CRIX Platform

Y Eli Lilly & Company
Key Tech Partner:
Project Leader: Todd Sanger, director, Global Statistical Science, Lilly
The Project: SAS Drug Development Implementation

Key Tech Partner:
Insightful Corp.
Project Leader: Susan Duke, assistant director, biostatistics and programming, GlaxoSmithKline
The Project: S-PLUS graphics toolkit

H National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke
Project Leader:
Gladys Wang, project manager
The Project: Protocol Tracking and Management System

Nationales Referenzzentrum für Streptokokken
Key Tech Partner:
CLC bio
Project Leader: Mark P.G. van der Linden, Dr. rer. Nat., Nationales Referenzzentrum
The Project: Monitoring impact of vaccination against Streptococcus pneumonia on a national scale

Omnicare Clinical Research
Project Leader:
Simon Taylor, senior director, global training and development
The Project: OmnieView University

Perceptive Informatics; University of Chicago
Project Leader:
Mark Goldberg, president of Clinical Research Services and Perceptive Informatics at PAREXEL; Cheng Yang, research associate at the Department of Medicine, University of Chicago
The Project: Double Reference Tissue Method

Society for Clinical Data Management
Project Leader: Jonathan Andrus, SCDM Chair
The Project: Good clinical data management practices document


Clinical Trials

Abbott Laboratories
Project Leader: Brooks Fowler, director GPRD Clinical Systems Operations and Global EDC Project Office
The Project: Enterprise-wide EDC adoption

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Project Leader: Marina Nillni, EDC implementation program manager
The Project: Migration to EDC of clinical trial data

Y GlaxoSmithKline
Key Tech Partner: Lincoln Technologies
Project Leader: Vlasta Pinkston, director, Clinical Safety and Pharmacovigilance Systems & Janet Scott, director, Safety Evaluation & Risk Management, GSK; Sally Cassells, VP research, Phase Forward Lincoln Technologies
The Project: Clinical trials signal detection 

H Johnson & Johnson PRD Early Development
Key Tech Partner: Phoenix Data Systems
Project Leader: Debbie Kennedy, associate director, early development, Johnson & Johnson
The Project: Converting Phase I trials from paper to EDC 

Project Leader: Jonathan Butko, executive director
The Project: ADapt web-based system 

Ortho Biotech Clinical Affairs
Key Tech Partner: Medidata Solutions
Project Leader: Paul Pereira, associate director, clinical data management, Ortho Biotech Clinical Affairs
The Project: Multiple study build using RAVE Architect Loader 

Key Tech Partner: TAKE Solutions
Project Leader: Irene Huang, project manager, SkinGenix
The Project: Initial IND submission for MEBO


Drug Discovery & Development

DOV Pharmaceutical
Project Leader: Zhengming Chen, senior director, chemistry
The Project: Managing chemistry and compounds at a small biopharma

Y Genstruct; Sirtris Pharmaceuticals
Project Leader: Renee Kenney, project lead Genstruct; Michael Jirousek, Sirtris Pharmaceuticals
The Project: Causal network modeling 

H GlaxoSmithKline
Key Tech Partner: Lincoln Technologies
Project Leader: June Almenoff, VP Safety Evaluation & Risk Management & Dana Vanderwall, manager, Cheminformatics, GSK
The Project: Molecular-clinical safety program

Johnson & Johnson PRD
Project Leader: Dimitris Agrafiotis, VP Information Technology, Research & Early Development
The Project: ABCD: Advanced Biology & Chemistry Discovery

Key Tech Partner: Dolcera
Project Leader: Samir Raiyani, CEO, Dolcera
The Project: Medtronic patent dashboard 

Roche; UCB Pharma SA; Eli Lilly & Company
Key Tech Partners: Entelos & Affymetrix
Project Leader: Matthew Cooper, principle research scientist, Roche; Franck Atienzar, head of in vitro toxicology, UCB Pharma; George Searfoss, research scientist, investigative toxicology, Lilly
The Project: Preclinical investigative toxicogenomics

Project Leader: Colin Garner, CEO, Xceleron; Nachum Kaplan, vice president, Microbiology, Affinium Pharmaceuticals
The Project: Human microdose of a novel antimicrobial


IT Informatics

Agilent Technologies
Key Tech Partner: Strand Life Sciences
Project Leader: Anand Janakiraman, VP software, Strand Life Sciences
The Project: Product development using avadis platform

Y AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals
Key Tech Partner: SAFE-BioPharma Association
Project Leader: Rich Ware, sr. principal business consultant, AstraZeneca
The Project: Digital signatures and electronic submission gateway

Key Tech Partner: InforSense
Project Leader: Mike McElhaney, senior systems analyst, Informatics Group, Curis
The Project: Drug development portal 

King Saud University
Project Leader: Haseeb Ahmed Khan, assistant professor
The Project: SCEW, an Excel add-in for easy creation of survival curves 

Laboratoires Fournier
Key Tech Partner: TEMIS
Project Leader: Sebastien Vachenc, bioinformatician, Exploratory Biology, Laboratoires Fournier
The Project: Text analytics solutions to accelerate drug discovery process 

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Project Leader: Ian Erikson, client technology specialist III & Juany Jardines
The Project: Tiered storage and archival 

MIT Whitehead Bio-Imaging Institute
Key Tech Partner: Interactive Supercomputing
Project Leader: James Evans, assistant director, MIT Whitehead Bio-Imaging Institute
The Project: Multi-disciplinary drug discovery 

National Cancer Institute
Key Tech Partner: Interactive Supercomputing
Project Leader: Jack Collins, NCI
The Project: Genomic correlation at the National Cancer Institute

Project Leader: Andrew Smith, director, Information Technology
The Project: REGISTRAK

H River Road Bio
Project Leader: Greg Lennon, co-founder, director
The Project: SNPedia 

Sage-N Research
Project Leader: David Chiang, CEO
The Project: Sorcerer 2


Knowledge Management

3M Terminology Consulting Services
Project Leader: Pam Banning, health care data analyst
The Project: Achieving health information exchange and interoperability with 3M technology

Y AstraZeneca Discovery
Project Leader: Nick Lynch, chemistry domain architect
The Project: IBIS: Standardized screening data made available to all sites globally 

Collexis Holdings
Project Leader: Christian Herzog, executive VP, GM Life Sciences
The Project:

Eurofins AvTech Laboratories
Key Tech Partner: Applied Biosystems
Project Leader: Mary Elegert, computer validation specialists, Eurofins
The Project: P4-AvTech: off the shelf LIMS for pharmaceutical manufacturing 

Key Tech Partner: Dolcera
Project Leader: Fabrice Beretta, senior manager, product research and development, Genentech
The Project: Innovation dashboard 

H Naval Medical Research Center
Key Tech Partner: The BioTeam
Project Leader: Michael Cariaso, senior scientific consultant, BioTeam
The Project: WikiLIMS 

Northwestern University
Project Leader: Simon Lin, associate director, Bioinformatics
The Project: Managing PubMed knowledge portfolio with a Google gadget 

Project Leader: Peter Thadeio, CVMED research portfolio analyst
The Project: One company two worlds: Bridging discovery and development information

Wyeth Research
Key Tech Partner: Octagon Research
Project Leader: Terri Booth-Genthe, director II, Wyeth
The Project: Submission Management and Regulatory Tracking 


Translational & Personalized Medicine

Bayer Schering Pharma
Key Tech Partner: Tembit Software
Project Leader: Juergen Heubach & Claus Steffen Stuerzebecher, Bayer Schering Pharma
The Project: GENOMatch: genetic custody and privacy 

Erasmus MC-University
Key Tech Partner: Integromics; Applied Biosystems
Project Leader: Leendert H.J. Looijenga, professor in Translational Patho-Oncology, Erasmus MC
The Project: High-throughput microRNAome analysis in human germ cell tumors

Helsinki University of Technology; Biomedicum Helsinki
Project Leader: Mika Ala-Korpela, docent, Helsinki University of Technology; Per-Henrik Groop, Folkhalsan Institute of Genetics, Finland
The Project: Proton NMR metabonomics of diabetic complications 

H IO Informatics; Cogenics
Project Leader: Patrick Hurban, executive director, Scientific Affairs, Cogenics
The Project: Discovery and validation of toxicity biomarkers 

Y Merck & Company; H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center
Project Leader: Gary Mallow, director, Biomarker Programs, Merck; Srivaths Srinivasan, director of Total Cancer Care Systems, Moffitt Cancer Center
The Project: Breaking down clinical and research silos to enable translational research 

Multiple Myeloma Research Consortium
Key Tech Partner: LabVantage Solutions
Project Leader: Bunmi Mfuko, tissue bank coordinator, MMRC
The Project: MMRC tissue bank 

Q National Cancer Institute
Project Leader: Kenneth Buetow, associate director for Bioinformatics and Information Technology
The Project: Cancer Biomedical Informatics Grid (caBIG) 

Physicians Reference Laboratory
Project Leader: Pradip Manna, director, Molecular Pathology
The Project: COMPLeTe Care HPV 

University of Washington
Key Tech Partner: Applied Biosystems
Project Leader: Jing Zang, associate professor of Pathology, University of Washington Medical School
The Project: Biomarker discovery workflow


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