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July 14, 2008

LIMS with QC and Tracking Modules
LabVantage has released SAPPHIRE R5, the newest version of its off-the-shelf LIMS. R5 delivers global deployment capability with compliance for time zones, language, multi-site collaboration, and more; enhanced user experience with thin-client architecture to lower cost of ownership and provide security based on the user’s role; new capabilities including the Corrective Action and Preventative Action (CAPA) module for QC and the new Reagents and Standards Management module for tracking lab consumables; and reporting and analytics-driven decision support.
Product: SAPPHIRE R5
Company: LabVantage
Available: Now
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Mass Spec Data without Expertise
Waters announced their Xevo TQ MS system, a tandem quadrupole mass spectrometer using IntelliStart technology to simplify instrument setup and troubleshooting and allow scientists with varying levels of MS expertise to produce the highest quality data with confidence. ScanWave technology allows users to operate the system in conventional T-Wave 1-enabled mode or ScanWave-enabled mode to improve duty cycle and enhance full scan capability.
Product: Xevo TQ MS system
Company: Waters
Available: Now
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Proteomics and Biospecimen Management
GenoLogics has expanded its offering of translational research informatics solutions with the release of Proteus 4.0, its data management systems for proteomics research and a suite of biomedical informatics software solutions. Proteus 4.0 automates data capture and integrates with in-house systems. The biomedical informatics software suite will consist of five tools to help track observational studies, collect patient data, provide biospecimen and clinical annotations management, and facilitate clinical queries. Three of the tools will be deployed this year including BioVault, a biospecimen management systems that is the result of a GenoLogics and GenVault Corporation partnership, and BioChronicle, a clinical annotations management system.
Product: Proteus 4.0 and Biomedical Informatics Software Solution
Company: GenoLogics
Available: Now
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Femtogram Detection Levels
Agilent Technologies has introduced the model 6460 triple quadrupole liquid chromatograph/mass spectrometer (LC/MS/MS), a system that lowers detection limits six-fold relative to previous instruments to allow femtogram detection levels for many compounds. The increased sensitivity is due to Agilent Jet Stream thermal gradient focusing technology that reduces ion dispersion at LC flow rates up to 2.5 mL/min and yields strong signals.
Product: 6460 triple quad LC/MS
Company: Agilent Technologies
Available: Now
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Mac Boost
Progeniq has unveiled BioBoost v4.0 Accelerator for Mac OS X. The Mac version of the accelerator allows researchers to run Smith-Waterman, ClustalW, and HMMer applications up to 50 times faster on Mac machines. By utilizing Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) technology, the processor is able to “rewire itself on the fly” according to the application that needs to be accelerated.
Product: BioBoost v4.0
Company: Progeniq
Available: Now
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