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May 12, 2008  

Label-Free Analysis
The Octet RED system for label-free, real-time kinetic analysis of drug compounds prevents label interference during drug compound and therapeutic target binding thanks to BioLayer Interferometry (BLI) technology with optical biosensors measuring multiple interactions without chemical labeling. High sensitivity and rapid data acquisition enable analysis of low molecular weight molecules that exhibit fast kinetics.
Product: Octet RED System
Company: ForteBio
Available: Now
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Enterprise Management
ACD/Labs Enterprise software version 11 allows researchers to streamline chemical research, unify processing and reporting of analytical results and provide a system for integration, customization potential, and distribution of analytical data. Version 11 has flexible modules that can be configured to almost any workflow including the Analytical Automation Suite featuring the Workflow Manager, Automation Server, and Web Librarian and ChemFolder to aid in structure knowledge integration
Product: Enterprise software v 11
Company: ACD/Labs
Available: Now
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Faster Western Blots
The SNAP i.d. protein detection system allows researchers to produce higher quality Western blots 80% more quickly than conventional methods. The vacuum-driven technology and built-in flow distributor drive reagents through the membrane, ensuring even distribution. There are three sizes of blot holders, each able to hold three blots, and researchers can run two holders at a time resulting in six simultaneous blots to increase protein detection throughput.
Product: SNAP i.d. protein detection system
Company: Millipore
Available: Now
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RNA Silencing Without Traditional Delivery
A new gene-silencing tool claims to greatly simplify RNA-interference (RNAi) technology. The Dharmacon Accell siRNA is a novel form of short-interfering RNA (siRNA) that is absorbed directly into cells without using traditional delivery methods. The Dharmacon Accell siRNA molecule has been able to penetrate every cell tested, and preliminary studies suggest that repeated application may yield long-term silencing.
Product: Dharmacon Accell siRNA
Company: Thermo Fisher Scientific
Available: Now
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EDC Updates
DataLabs v 4.2 continues to build on its hybrid technology incorporating electronic data capture (EDC) and paper data management in a single platform. The newest version of the EDC software now offers advancements in managing work flow at the item level, Case Report Form (CRF) routing and messaging, event notifications, and improvements in its leading user-friendly interface and design. In addition, the EDC solution is fully integrated with the world's most widely-used Interactive Voice and Web Response (IVR/IWR) system, ClinPhone Randomization and Trial Supply Management.
Product: DataLabs v 4.2
Company: ClinPhone
Available: Now
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