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Nov. 12, 2008

Open Source Power
REvolution Computing has launched ParallelR version 1.2. ParallelR enables users of the open source R program to complete statistical analyses much more quickly by taking advantage of multiprocessor systems and network systems. Computations can be run across heterogeneous hardware configurations including 32 bit, 64 bit, SMP, and cross-platform configurations such as combinations of Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X operating systems.

Company: REvolution Computing
Product: ParallelR
Available: Now
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Structure Drawing Updates
Symyx has announced Symyx Draw 3.1, software for drawing chemical structures and searching, registration, and collaboration. Draw 3.1 is a replacement for ISIS/Draw and while it looks and feels the same, Draw 3.1 has an easier to use drawing tool, toolbar, and library of protecting group templates. Draw 3.1 also features the ability to utilize built-in structure-to-name and name-to-structure converters, create and edit polymers, mixtures, and formulations, create and edit Markush (Rgroup) queries, and build and visualize 3-D chemical structure queries.

Company: Symyx
Product: Draw 3.1
Available: Now
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Parallel Analysis
Parallel Line Analysis has been incorporated into Gen5 Data Analysis Software version 1.06, a BioTek Instruments product. Parallelism analysis can be made with Gen5’s linear regression, 4-parameter and 5-parameter logistic fits. Multiple curve metrics and detailed statistics are available to ensure the most accurate estimations of parallelism and relative potency between the experimental curves and control curves. Along with parallel line analysis, the Gen5 update offers a number of enhancements including color gradient data views, individual patient reports, use of curve parameters in data transformations and more.

Company: BioTek
Product: Gen5 v1.06
Available: Now
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Patent Visualization
InfiniteBio has introduced XLUS Eagle, a web-based software tool that can visualize massive numbers of patent searches and analysis results. To illustrate the similarity and technological relationships between patents, XLUS produces a radar chart in addition to an ordinal patent list. Core technologies include natural language processing, data informatics, visualization and easy expression, and IP knowledge and analysis.

Company: InfiniteBio
Product: XLUS Eagle
Available: Now
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Array and Sequencing Analysis
Illumina has launched its GenomeStudio data analysis software designed to analyze both microarray and sequencing data. GenomeStudio enables the correlation of biological variation across multiple applications and graphical display of the results. GenomeStudio also allows researchers to integrate with third-party software providers for advanced downstream analysis. In addition to algorithms for copy number variation detection, SNP calling, and differential analysis, GenomeStudio contains tools for visualizing sequencing data that are fueled by a new and expanded version of Illumina’s Genome Analyzer Analysis Pipeline.

Company: Illumina
Product: GenomeStudio data analysis software
Available: Now
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