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Oct. 8, 2008

Transcriptome Translation
Applied Biosystems SOLiD Whole Transcriptome Expression Kit is a sequencing-based molecular tool for the genomic analysis of whole transcriptomes. The kit provides new views of a cell’s transcriptome, such as expression of non-coding RNAs, identification of alternative splicing events, expressed SNPs or mutation, or translocations and fusion transcripts. The kit is based on Ambion technology.

Company: Applied Biosystems
Product: SOLiD Whole Transcriptome Expression Kit
Available: Now
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Proteomics Software
Thermo Fisher Scientific and Sage-N Research have released the first proteomics software platform designed specifically for the Enterprise Linux market. SORCERER Enterprise is a scalable software suite for fully automated, high-volume proteomic analyses on high-performance Linux systems, including blade servers and conventional Linux clusters. It’s designed for labs that need to process increasing amounts of proteomics data from mass spec experiments. The software can support hundreds of proteomics researchers using a web interface.

Company: Sage-N Research
Product: SORCERER Enterprise
Available: Now
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Spontaneous Data Viz
SPSS Viz Designer creates dynamic visualizations, and can intelligently recommend the most appropriate chart or graph so the data can be communicated in the most understandable way. With an intuitive, graphical, drag-and-drop design interface, Viz Designer eliminates the need for advanced programming skills. Viz Designer uses nViZn, a patented SPSS technology based on “The Grammar of Graphics” principles from Leland Wilkinson, and one of the most sophisticated visualization technologies available. 

Company: SPSS
Product: Viz Designer
Available: Now
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Informatics Update
Symyx has released Isentris 3.1, an informatics system with upgrades that include the ability to create, manage, and share fully searchable local databases with insert, update, and delete capabilities. Highly interactive views allow scientists to filter, sort, and cluster data themselves. 3.1 also offers support for local databases, molecule and reaction clustering, chemical structure searching in Excel spreadsheets, molecule- and reaction-based transfer of results into Excel, and writable .NET controls for inserting, updating, and deleting data.

Company: Symyx
Product: Isentris 3.1
Available: Now
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