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Sept. 5, 2008

Small Molecule Sensitivity
The SensiQ Pioneer is a three channel surface plasmon resonance system designed to provide high sensitivity for studies such as small molecule-protein interactions and high accuracy and precision for demanding kinetic and affinity determinations. The system manages sample handling from microplates, vials, or tubes, in-line buffer degassing, gradient injection, detection to 150 Da, and 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.  A wide range of surface chemistries are also available.
Product: SensiQ Pioneer
Company: ICx Technologies
Available: Now
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Statistical Graphics
Insightful Clinical Graphics (iCG) version 1.1 is now available to define and repurpose statistical graphics across all functional areas in drug discovery, development, and marketing. iCG 1.1 features new graph types and an improved user interface to simplify the creation and re-use of statistical graphics and elimination of redundant work processes.
Product: iCG v. 1.1
Company: Insightful
Available: Now
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Data Viz Software
GE Healthcare introduces version 7 of the ImageMaster 2D Platinum, a software package for comprehensive visualization, exploration, and analysis of 2-D gel data. Version 7 boasts well-established methods for 2-D experiments including single stain and DIGE (Fluorescence Difference Gel Electrophoresis) experiments, easy import and image viewer functionality, effective spot detection and matching solutions, versatile analytic methods, and more. The software uses a patented co-detection algorithm to analyze 2-D DIGE results.
Product: ImageMaster 2D Platinum v. 7.0
Company: GE Healthcare
Available: Now
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Midrange Solid State Storage
EMC has released the CLARiiON CX4, the first midrange storage array in the market to support solid state disks. CLARiiON also boasts architecture optimized specifically for VMware and other virtual server environments and designed to incorporate the latest technologies in drives, connectivity, processing power, thin provisioning, and security. The CX4 series consists of four models from CX4-120 featuring up to 120 TB, 6 GB of system memory to CX4-960 with a capacity of 951 TB, 32 GB of system memory.
Product: CLARiiON CX4 Series
Company: EMC
Available: Now
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New Extraction Kit
The new Agencourt DNAdvance System, an extraction kit for DNA isolation and purification from mammalian tissue samples, delivers a combination of recovery, yield, and purity thanks to the patented SPRI (Solid Phase Reversible Immobilization) paramagnetic bead-based nucleic acid purification technology. The chemistry is automated on the Beckman Coulter Biomek NXP and FXP lab automation workstations.
Product: Agencourt DNAdvance System
Company: Beckman Coulter
Available: Now
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