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July 20, 2009

High Sensitivity
Shimadzu’s AXIMA Resonance MALDI QIT TOF mass spectrometer provides the structural characterization and sequencing of biomolecules. The combination of quadrupole ion trap (QIT) and high-performance reflectron time-of-flight (TOF) analyzer provides the highest sensitivity and mass accuracy in Shimadzu’s line of AXIMA MALDI systems. The AXIMA Resonance provides MS/MS and MSn spectra for a wide range of analytes, including pharmaceutical compounds, peptides, glycans, lipids and polymers. A variety of software tools comes standard with the AXIMA Resonance, facilitating manual or fully automated operation and seamless analysis.
Product: AXIMA Resonance
Company: Shimadzu
Available: Now
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ADME Analysis
BioTrove has launched a new platform for drug discovery researchers’ screening and analysis of in vitro ADME data. The RapidFire 300 provides scientists a label-free, high throughput, mass spectrometry-based instrument for several in vitro ADME applications, including pre-validated CYP Inhibition and Metabolic Stability analytical methods. Previously limited by time and labor intensive screening platforms, BioTrove has met researcher demands for high quality in vitro ADME data with a short turnaround time.
Product: RapidFire 300
Company: BioTrove
Available: Now
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Global Clinical Trial Management
Phase Forward’s InForm Global Trial Management (GTM) eClinical solution provides a single environment that enables study sponsors to streamline the management of clinical trial data from design through submission, all within a single environment for use in regional or global trials. The ability to efficiently code multi-trial adverse event terms, written in a variety of languages and syllabaries, to common industry-standard terms within one central environment helps maximize operational efficiencies.
Product: InForm Global Trial Management (GTM)
Company: Phase Forward
Available: Now
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Imaging and Analysis
The Thermo Scientific Cellomics ToxInsight Solution offers a unique combination of imaging hardware and analysis software, and couples pre-validated panels of toxicity assessment targets, to provide a robust risk assessment tool for in vitro toxicity testing. Harnessing the power of cell imaging to make multiple toxicity assessments on a cell by cell basis, the ToxInsight IVT Platform, for the first time, unites automated instrumentation, software, and reagent ‘cartridges’ within a simple, intuitive workflow, offering improved sensitivity and specificity compared to traditional methods.
Product: Cellomics ToxInsight Solution
Company: Thermo Fisher Scientific
Available: Now
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