CONTENTS: November-December

Special Report: Cloud Computing for Life Sciences
The “C” Word
Warm Wellcome for Cloud Computing
Cycle Cloud’s Tour de Cloud
Pharma’s Early Cloud Adopters
Microsoft’s Azure Skies
Amylin, Amazon, and the Cloud
'Cloudy' Forecast for IBM’s ‘Smarter Planet’
Cloud Storage the ParaScale Way

Up Front
IlluminaCompute Unveiled at Bio-IT World Europe
Partnership between Illumina, Dell, and Isilon integrates next-gen sequencing. 

Next-Gen Phred
Next-generation phred software squeezes more data from Illumina runs. 

New Directions for BioIT Alliance
BioIT Alliance will transition to standards development organization.  

The Art of Getting Acquired
Nothing Ventured | For biotechs, getting acquired means planning, not luck.  By Toban Zolman 

Solve the Big Problems First
Bush Doctrine | Drug makers’ biggest problem is not safety, but efficacy.  By Ernie Bush

Sequencer Market Heats Up
Insights | Outlook | Insight Pharma survey shows Illumina leading the pack. By Ken Rubenstein


Clinical Trials
Microsoft Life Science
Amalga Life Sciences gets up and running with an LS GPS. 

Plateaus and Point Solutions
Oracle’s Patti Gaves discusses EDC and integration.

Computational Biology
Sequencing, Sequencing, Sequencing
BGI-Shenzhen tackles the cute, the edible, and pretty much everything else.

Computational Development
Schering-Plough’s Search for Biomarkers
The pharma has set up a biomarker discovery center in Singapore.

In Every Issue 
Europe’s Bio-IT Community
First Base | The inaugural Bio-IT World Europe was a success.  BY KEVIN DAVIES

Supplying the Genomics Gold Rush
The Russell Transcript | Beckman Coulter is betting on genomics services.  BY JOHN RUSSELL

New Products


Special Advertising Section


High Performance Solutions 

The Key to Life Sciences Data Management: Transparent Migration


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