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High Performance Solutions

By Bio-IT World Staff

November 10, 2009 | High-performance computing technologies are an area of rapid growth particularly suited for life science organizations. A recurring observation by IT managers in pharma, biotech, academia and government entities is that the growth of data in life science is outstripping the speed at which it can be efficiently generated. Tools being sought are those that can break data bottlenecks, produce better analytics, and work well with life science equipment like gene sequencers.

In a recent Bio•IT World reader survey, eighty percent of individuals responded that their organizations have upgraded HPC technologies in the past 12-18 months and more than 58% expect further expansion in HPC products over the coming year.

Bio•IT World’s readers have been impressed with the innovations and advances in HPC value for cost, speed, and efficiency over the last 24 months, but they continue to look for improvement in ease of use and even more value per dollar.

The biggest data management headaches listed by readers were backup, storage, and archiving. Readers lamented that job scheduling and distribution were daunting at this volume and managing multiple devices was challenging.

And yet these are most fundamental tasks. HPC is becoming increasingly crucial and data generating technologies plow forward creating larger and larger datasets to analyze, store, and manage. 77% of survey respondents feel that there is a disconnect between vendors of data generating products (sequencers, software, etc.) and providers of data handling solutions.

Almost 90% of respondents reported that less than half of their organization’s technology infrastructure is managed by outside firms. Additionally, cloud computing is of significant interest for Bio•IT World readers with 40% claiming to already be using it in some form.

General trending and consensus clearly indicates that for the life sciences HPC is making strides, moving in the right direction, and viewed as necessary at multiple levels to deal with the extreme and ever-growing data downpour facing scientists, researchers and IT professionals. For those legions of users dealing with data everywhere, optimized HPC solutions can’t get here fast enough.

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