January-February Contents

Special Report: Transforming Drug Development

An Emerald in the Rough 

Accelrys Finds Ways to Engage

Drug Discovery in Dundee: A Q&A with Andrew Hopkins

Drug Discovery, Open-Source Style

Running tranSMART for the Drug Development Marathon

C-PATH is a Realistic Change Agent

Avila Therapeutics Targets the Covalent Proteome

Target Practices 

Up Front
Linda Avey on an Alzheimer’s Brainstorm
Avey starts a ‘Foundation 2.0.’

An App for That
There’s an application for everything life sciences.

Asian Genomics Advances
Singapore’s Genome Institute has been busy tracking migration and some disease genes.


Amazon’s Cloud Raining Gifts for 2010
Inside the Box -- Amazon Web Services is rolling out bigger and better in the New Year.

Clinical Prospects for Multiplex Assays
Insights | Outlook -- Assays offer great potential for biomarker discovery.

So Tell Me Again, Why Are We Doing This?
The Bush Doctrine -- What’s the real reason for the preclinical safety push?

Clinical Research
Images: Read On Site or Centrally and Independently
The question of who and where images are read.

Demystifying Clinical Trial Management
PharmaVigilant is on a quest to make CTMS crystal-ball clear. 

The Reality of Medical Software Compliance
Medical record security is improving under HITECH Act. 

Applied Cloud Computing Security
Lessons from the trenches of clinical development technology.

Computational Biology
caBIG’s Nationwide Network
NCI’s five-year effort to link cancer centers is growing up. 

Synthetic Biology is Here to Stay
Students from around the world demonstrate the future of synthetic biology at iGEM 2009.

The Interactorium: Another Dimension in Protein Interaction
Marc Wilkins and his team have developed a new tool that enables intracellular interactions to be visualized in stunning 3-D. 

Strict Tempo on Data Security
It’s not just the password, it’s the rhythm of your typing that identifies you. 

Accelerated Methods for Bioinformatics Analysis
Hardware options speed up processing, save resources.

Who on Earth is Reading Your Email?
Safe email practices are essential to protecting property and privacy.

In Every Issue
The Italian (Informatics) Job
First Base -- The Pistoia Alliance is making an insider job of pre-competitive IT.

A Life Sciences Strategy
The Russell Transcript -- Tessella pushes into strategy and business development.

New Products

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