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January-February New Products

FPGA Accelerators

Nallatech has announced two new PCI Express accelerator products featuring Xilinx Virtex-5 FPGAs. The PCIe-280 and PCIe-180 are the latest products to be introduced to Nallatech’s Embedded PCI Series of FPGA COTS solutions. PCIe-280 next generation FPGA accelerator card features 8-lane PCI Express 2.0 host interface, up to 5GBytes/sec sustained host bandwidth, and Xilinx Virtex-5 user FPGA (up to LX330T-2). The PCIe-180 low profile network accelerator card features half length, half height card, XFP module supporting 10GbEthernet and OC192 SONET via PCI backplate, and an 8-lane PCI Express 1.1 host interface. Both the PCIe-280 and PCIe-180 products are designed to be compatible with high density server and blade centre platforms from leading OEMs. Optimized memory controller IP cores and reference designs are included as part of the product deliverables along with VHDL source code and API for 64-bit Linux.

Product: PCIe-280 and PCIe-180
Company: Nallatech
Available: Now
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Database Update

Bio-Rad Laboratories has released two new spectral databases and updated two others. The Sadtler ATR of Controlled & Prescription Drugs database contains 1,161 ATR-IR spectra of controlled and prescription drugs and steroids. The Sadtler HNMR Chemical Shifts database enables Bio-Rad’s HaveItAll NMR to include chemical shift data of 20,391 more compounds. Each record in this database is identified by chemical name, solvent used in the analysis, instrument name, chemical structure, molecular formula, and molecular weight. The NMR Metabolites database has been updated and now includes 532 compounds with 1,055 spectra from the BioMagResBank (BMRB) data, which doubles the number of spectra previously in this collection. The HaveItAll UV-Vis database has grown by 4,200 spectra to a current total of 13,930 spectra—the world’s largest UV-Vis spectra collection.

Product: two new spectral databases
Company: Bio-Rad Laboratories
Available: Now
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Interphase Systems has launched Ready-IT BioPharma, the industry’s first fully managed IT platform built specifically for biopharma and life sciences companies. Ready-IT includes a complete IT systems infrastructure and application suite, combined with embedded regulatory compliance and disaster recovery. Early and mid-stage biopharma, biotech, pharmaceutical, medical device and other life sciences companies that sign up for Ready-IT BioPharma will have access to a fully managed Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering, which includes the same enterprise technologies that big pharma relies on from companies such as Microsoft and VMware. Components of the platform include document management, contract management, online training services and information security services. Related applications and support services, including email, PC/laptop provisioning, asset management, ERP, CRM, VOIP-based telephony and voicemail, are also available as add-on options to Ready-IT.

Product: Ready-IT BioPharma
Company: Interphase Systems
Available: Now
For more information:

Open-Source Clinical Tools

The National Cancer Institute Center for Biomedical Informatics and Information Technology (NCI CBIIT) has released Version 2.0 of the caBIG Clinical Trials Suite. The Suite is a comprehensive set of open-source software tools that facilitates electronic management of clinical trials and associated data, and enables comprehensive sharing and integration of clinical research information—not only in cancer clinical trials, but in all clinical trials.  Supported clinical trials activities include registering and tracking patients, managing patient activities and calendars, reporting and tracking adverse events, reviewing laboratory data, capturing and cleaning the clinical data, transferring clinical data between applications, and analyzing and reporting on collected data. The 2.0 bundle includes: Clinical Participant Registry (C3PR), Patient Study Calendar (PSC), Adverse Event Reporting System (caAERS), Integration Hub (caXchange), Lab Viewer, and Clinical Connector (formerly C3D Connector).

Product: Clinical Trials Suite v2.0
Company: National Cancer Institute
Available: Now
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