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Bio-IT World Conference Preview

The 2010 Bio-IT World Conference & Expo takes place April 20-22 in Boston. Full details of the program are available at Some of the editors’ highlights from the 2010 program:

Big Pharma Perspective
Christoph Westphal has a spectacular resume as a venture capitalist, helping launch
 Alnylam (RNA interference) and Sirtris Pharmaceuticals, acquired by GlaxoSmithKline for $720 million. Westphal will offer a fascinating perspective on the technological and cultural challenges facing drug developers in the age of personalized medicine.
Keynote | April 21

Health Care Insights
As the CIO of
 Harvard Medical School, John Halamka has his hands full managing a flood of clinical and genomic data. And as an advisor to the Obama Administration, he has a prominent voice in the debate over health care IT standards and implementation of electronic health records.
Keynote | April 22

Cloud Formation
Industry experts from BioTeam,
 Cycle Computing, and ParaScale will discuss the supporting technologies and the practical applications of the cloud for drug discovery, next-gen sequencing, clinical, and informatics.
Workshop 2 | April 20

BIG News
Kenneth Buetow with introduce the BIG HealthConsortium—a mega-community encompassing various sectors of biomedicine and electronic interoperability that enables a “rapid-learning health system” seamlessly linking research and clinical care—and will showcase this new model in action.
Tracks 2, 3, 4, 6, and 7 | April 21

Application All-Stars
Thursday sees a wealth of insight into data application from David Dooling (
The Genome Center at Washington University), Pardis Sabeti (Harvard University; see, p. 24), Eric Neumann (Science Commons), Reece Hart (Genome Commons), Martin D. Leach (Merck & Co.), and Matteo di Tommas (Pfizer).
Track 3 | April 22

2010 Franklin Award
The Bioinformatics Organization ( will present the 2010 Benjamin Franklin Award and the winner will give a lecture. The five finalists are: John Quackenbush (Harvard School of Public Health); David J. Lipman (NCBI); Don Gilbert (Indiana University, Bloomington); Alex Bateman (Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute); and G.P.S. Raghava (Institute of Microbial Technology, India).
Keynote | April 21

Semantic Sneak Peak
Merck will give a progress report on their pilot program that uses Semantic Web technologies to create an agile and comprehensive “Scouting Knowledgebase” that provides real-time, role-specific views into Merck’s early-stage licensing pipeline.
Track 2 | April 21

Latest Developments in Open Access
Open access chemistry and biology drive much of research and John Overington (
EMBL-EBI) and Debra Banville (AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals) will talk about mining, prioritizing, and analyzing data in the public domain.
Track 5 | April 21

Clinical Best Practices
Speakers from
 SAFE-BioPharma Association, Wyeth, Genzyme, and Biogen Idec will converge on the problems of data collection and analysis and report best practices from every stage of the clinical trial pipeline.
Track 6 | April 22

Best Practices
The winners of the 2010 Bio•IT World Best Practices awards will be named at the awards dinner on Wednesday. This year’s program is the biggest yet.
Best Practices Dinner | April 21

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