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Many speakers shared challenges and solutions for managing and leveraging the data deluge. Clockwise from top left: In addition to discussing TranSMART (see “Running tranSMART for the Drug Discovery Marathon,” Bio•IT World, Jan 2010), Eric Perakslis (Centocor) reviews his volunteer work as CIO for the King Hussein Institute for Biotechnology and Cancer, a new hospital and biotechnology research center in Amman, Jordan—the first such center in the Arab world, where all the medical and information technology infrastructure is being engineered by a single team of engineers, scientists and informaticians. Stephen Friend (Sage Bionetworks) exhorts the need for new open-source approaches to sharing and analyzing complex data–both ‘omic and clinical–to bring new thinking to drug development. David Dooling (The Genome Center at Washington University) provides an update on cancer genomic studies, including the pros and cons of exome versus whole-genome sequencing. And Matthew Trunnell (Broad Institute), who had just ordered 1.1 petabytes of new storage to contain the output of Year Four, discusses the problem of managing unfettered, unstructured research data.

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