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November-December New Products

November 16, 2010

CRO-Enhanced Clinical Suite
Version 6.1 of Trianz Solutions’ Acceliant eClinical Suite is now available. This release benefits from Trianz’s relationship with REGISTRAT-MAPI, a global late phase CRO, as it incorporates a number of functional enhancements and a new UI architecture, identified by REGISTRAT-MAPI. The Acceliant eClinical Suite is a comprehensive, web-based, end-to-end platform with the ability to integrate electronic data capture, and data and document management with traditional paper-based processes for clinical trials.
Product: Acceliant eClinical Suite v6.1
Company: Trianz Solutions
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Symyx System Update
Accelrys has announced the release of version 3.3 of the Isentris data access, analysis, and decision support system (previously Symyx Isentris). Isentris 3.3 drives faster, better-informed scientific decisions by enabling scientists to display, manipulate, and compare spectral, chromatographic, and XY graphical data.
Product: Isentris v 3.3
Company: Accelrys
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GPU Applications
AccelerEyes has released version 1.5.1 of Jacket. This release of Jacket will allow a whole new collection of applications to benefit from GPU computing and NVIDIAs new FERMI architecture. AccelerEyes has advanced Jacket’s compiler technology and made many additions to the platforms function library. New features include IMFILTER, 2-D filtering of multidimensional images; MEDFILT2, 2-D median filtering; INTERSECT, Find set intersection of two vectors; SORTKEYS, Sorts a column matrix based on input keys; and PLANEROT, Givens plane rotation.
Product: Jacket v. 1.5.1
Company: AccelerEyes
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Sequence Analysis Software
Strand Scientific Intelligence has released Avadis NGS, a software application for next-generation sequence (NGS) analysis. Avadis NGS is an application focused on ChIP-SEQ, RNA-SEQ, and genetic variation analysis that enables its users to assimilate large amounts of NGS data and ascertain deep biological insights using powerful statistics and interactive data visualizations in a state-of-the-art genome browser, and downstream analyses such as GO, pathways, and GSEA.
Product: Avadis NGS
Company: Strand Scientific Intelligence
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