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September-October New Products

Versatile NMR

Agilent Technologies has announced the release of VnmrJ 3.2, an enhanced version of their software for nuclear magnetic spectroscopy. VnmrJ 3.2 offers a data station version that runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux. This enables users to analyze NMR data anywhere in off-line mode rather than be tethered to the instrument’s data system to produce results or learn the system. A simplified sample-centric workflow interface lets users easily design experiments as simple or complex as needed. Also new is seamless integration with NMR Pipe, the popular plug-in for analyzing proteins and other large biomolecules.
Company: Agilent Technologies
Product: VnmrJ 3.2
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EDC for Study Design

MedNet Solutions announced the latest release of iMedNet EDC, the company’s eClinical solution that allows non-technical research personnel to quickly, easily, and affordably build and manage their own clinical studies. iMedNet EDC makes EDC practical and economically viable for any study, even very small studies of short duration. iMedNet EDC simplifies study creation by allowing new studies to be created from existing ones, visually guides designers through the study build process, and simplifies the validation of study fields, properties, and business logic.
Company: MedNet Solutions
Product: iMedNet EDC
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Materials LIMS

An enhanced materials manager capability has been introduced to Two Fold Software’s innovative Qualoupe LIMS solution which enables users to easily define the wide variety of materials they test in their organization.  The materials manager application allows manufacturers to manage data relating to raw materials, finished products and intermediate products.  For a commercial contract laboratory, the software improves the handling of data from routine samples sent to them for testing by their customers.  Many laboratories call these ‘specifications’ because they like to define what tests are performed when testing samples of a certain material type, and what acceptable limits are applicable to ensure the material meets the necessary specification.
Company: Two Fold Software
Product: Qualoupe LIMS
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Free Compound Structure Viewing

Optibrium has launched a new version of StarVue, its innovative free desktop application that enables scientists to quickly and conveniently view sets of compound structures and related data. Improvements to the StarVue desktop application have been introduced in the way data can be browsed while retaining the innovative visual interface and capacity for organizing, sorting and merging datasets that StarVue previously offered. Data can be easily loaded into StarVue from SD, MOL, SMILES or CSV files, as well as StarDrop’s native format. StarVue 1.1 is compatible with the recently released StarDrop 5, Optibrium’s platform that intuitively guides the design and selection of high quality compounds in drug discovery.
Company: Optibrium
Product: StarVue
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More Sensitive Mass Spec

Thermo Fisher Scientific has introduced the Thermo Scientific Orbitrap Elite, a hybrid mass spectrometer that integrates Thermo Scientific’s faster, more sensitive ion trap—the Thermo Scientific Velos Pro—with the company’s new high-field Orbitrap and advanced signal processing technologies. The system offers outstanding resolving power of 240,000, previously available only on Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance (FTICR) mass spectrometers, as well as a range of fragmentation techniques, helping customers explore and address the most complex challenges in proteomics, metabolomics, lipidomics and metabolism applications.
Company: Thermo Fisher Scientific
Product: Orbitrap Elite
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