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Bio-IT World Announces 2007 “Best of Show” Awards

BOSTON – The winners of the Bio-IT World Conference & Expo “Best of Show Awards” for 2007 were announced this week. The four winning entries were:

  • Tessella: Adaptive Trials Simulation Toolkit v 1.0
  • Ingenuity Systems: Ingenuity Pathways Analysis 5.0
  • Isilon Systems: Isilon IQ with OneFS 4.5
  • Rescenris: CERF v 2.6

Following submission of all the new products being presented at the 2007 show, a team of editors and expert judges selected three finalists in each of four categories. During the event, the finalists met individually with the panel of judges, led by Bio-IT World executive editor John Russell, before the judges retired to deliberate the winners in each category. Criteria included technical merit, functionality and innovation, as well as the quality of the live presentations on the show floor. The winners received their awards at a ceremony held at Boston’s World Trade Center during the event.

Below are further details on the four winning entries at this year’s show:

  • eClinical Technology

Tessella: Adaptive Trials Simulation Toolkit  v 1.0

The Tessella ‘Adaptive Trials Simulation Toolkit’ contains a range of adaptive clinical trial models for simulating different adaptive methods from phase 1 through to phase 3. The first release includes a Bayesian model for phase 2 trials called ‘NDLM dose finder’, and a ‘Seamless Phase 2/3 Simulator’.

The toolkit is currently implemented as a desktop application with a GUI component and separate computational models. The GUI allows the user to easily set up the specification for their trial, choose their design options and specify the different scenarios over which the design should be simulated. Having run the simulations, the GUI displays graphs and charts of the summary data so the expected operating characteristics of the design can be studied. The current implementation runs the simulations on the same hardware running the GUI. Future versions should allow simulations to be run on alternative hardware such as a centrally provided computing resource.

  • Life Science Software & Informatics

Ingenuity Systems; IPA 5.0

IPA enables researchers to analyze complex biological and chemical systems at the core of life science research. New enhancements provide powerful new capabilities to address emerging industry needs. IPA-Tox overcomes the data interpretation hurdle to deliver a focused toxicity assessment of your candidate compounds, and IPA-Biomarker uses filters to identify the most promising biomarker candidates and reveals the underlying mechanistic connection between biomarkers and disease. These capabilities integrate smoothly with IPA’s core analysis capabilities, which identify the pathways, regulatory networks, and biological processes most perturbed in your dataset.

  • IT Infrastructure

Isilon Systems; Isilon IQ with OneFS 4.5

Isilon IQ delivers the first single file system that unifies and provides instant and ubiquitous access to digital content and unstructured data, eliminating the cost and complexity barriers of traditional storage architectures. OneFS 4.5 is an operating system that powers all of Isilon’s IQ family of clustered storage systems. The release of OneFS 4.5 software marks the industry’s first clustered storage system to deliver one Petabyte of capacity and 10 Gigabytes per second of performance in a single file system and single volume.

  • Notebooks & LIMS

Rescentris; CERF v 2.6 

Rescentris’ Collaborative Electronic Research Framework (CERF) is a secure, 21CFR11-compliant enterprise scientific information system designed for managing and sharing information in life sciences organizations. CERF combines an electronic lab notebook (ELN) with scientific content management, an extensible knowledge and data integration framework, and a science-driven informatics platform. Its intuitive cross-platform desktop interface allows scientists to organize and unify access to personal and shared content, applications, and databases. In addition to being first to market with an ELN for Biology, CERF is the only ELN system built on semantic web internet technology.

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