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June 11, 2009| Genedata Launches Expressionist 5.2
Genedata released Expressionist 5.2 with enhanced capabilities for Mass Spectrometry (MS)-based biomarker discovery. Included in the Expressionist system are the advanced Refiner MS and Analyst modules, which process and analyze metabolomic and proteomic raw MS data and provide sophisticated statistical analysis capabilities for large volume data sets.

In addition to supporting ABI Wiff files, version 5.2 of Refiner MS adds Thermo Exactive and GC-MS as well as Agilent Q-TOF and GC-MS instruments to the wide list of already supported hardware platforms and vendor formats. Building on a powerful technology hub concept for raw MS data processing, peak identification and annotation tools in Expressionist have been enhanced to offer direct links to search engines and databases such as MASCOT or HMDB. Additionally, improved library searches are possible via the computation of retention-time indices. Read release.

Definiens Improves Accuracy in Her2/neu Biopsy Scoring
Definiens completed a feasibility study for the evaluation of the Her2/neu protein in breast cancer biopsies.  Conducted in conjunction with a leading pharmaceutical company, the study involved 1800 tumor cases from patients enrolled in a multi-center clinical trial for a breast cancer targeted therapy. The study compared results obtained using manual pathology scoring methods to those obtained via Definiens’ computerized image analysis approach for evaluating Her2/neu on a cell-by-cell basis.

The comparison indicated that Definiens XD – the company’s platform for multi-dimensional image analysis – provided improved scoring accuracy of 30% as compared to a panel of six pathologists. The study’s results suggest utilizing automated image analysis technology in biomarker screening can have a positive impact on clinical trial outcomes and the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer.

“The results of this feasibility study are very compelling,” said Manfred Voglmaier, Vice President of Business Development for Definiens’ Life Sciences division. “Our approach to image analysis and biomarker quantification demonstrates enormous potential for facilitating better treatment decisions for a variety of cancer types. We are currently seeking cancer center and bio-pharmaceutical partners to collaborate with in the development of tissue-based cancer diagnostics applications.” Read release.

GE Healthcare Launches IN Cell Investigator v1.5
New features of IN Cell Investigator v1.5 facilitate: whole well analysis, the generation of a panoramic image through image stitching of overlapping images enables the analysis of whole wells, larger cell populations and model organisms; texture Analysis, for deeper insight into results, particularly for toxicology and cell cycle; 3D-angiogenic tubules formation analysis; de-clumping of heavily clustered colonies and populations containing binucleated cells, providing greater insight into stem cell colony analysis; and cell feature tracking to get a temporal perspective of cellular processes. Read release.

GNS Announces Cancer Collaboration with UCSF
The collaboration will combine the clinical and research oncology expertise of UCSF with the computational expertise and supercomputer-driven REFS platform of GNS. Theyhave already used REFS to discover and validate novel mediators of the cell cycle transition, which is a critical determinant of the rate of cancer cell proliferation and tumor growth (Results presented at AACR 2009). They will continue with research to elucidate the RAS-MAPK and PI3K cancer pathways, pathways critical for initiation and progression of many cancers, by building models of breast, pancreatic, and esophageal cancer based on data from ongoing research at UCSF using the REFS(TM) platform and simulation of these models. Read release.

Genologics, SAS to Integrate Products
GenoLogics and SAS announced plans to integrate the Geneus lab and data management solution with the JMP Genomics statistical discovery application from SAS to provide a comprehensive system for managing and analyzing large genomic data sets. Geneus manages sample information and user workflows, and summarizes raw data from vast genomic data sets. JMP Genomics then provides interactive downstream analysis to uncover meaningful patterns in high-throughput genetics, expression microarray and proteomics data. Separately GenoLogics announced released of its latest data management and LIMS solution - Research Informatics 5.0 (RI 5.0). Read releases.

Entelos Proposes Delisting from AIM
Entelos is seeking stockholder approval to cancel the trading of its shares of common stock on the AIM Exchange (the “Delisting”). The Company’s senior management and Board of Directors have been considering a variety of strategic transactions over the past year, including seeking new significant equity investments and working to restructure its existing secured indebtedness, in order to provide the platform necessary for the Company to continue to grow its core business. 

In this process it has become clear that, given the Company’s current capital structure, potential equity investors would prefer to make an investment in the Company only after it has become private.  In addition, given the AIM Exchange’s failure to adequately value the equity of the Company, the limited trading volumes and illiquidity of the Company’s common stock and the expenses and regulatory requirements associated with maintaining admission to the AIM Exchange, the Company’s Board of Directors has determined that it would be in the best interests of the Company and its stockholders and other stakeholders to cancel the trading of its shares on the AIM Exchange.

As the Company previously disclosed, on December 21, 2007, it entered into a debt financing agreement with Imperium Master Fund, LTD (“Imperium”) in which Imperium provided the Company $6,500,000 in total cash loan proceeds. On March 25, 2009, the Company announced that Entelos and Imperium had amended the terms of the secured debt in order to allow the parties until April 30, 2009 to finalize the revised terms of the existing debt financing arrangements. In addition, on April 22, 2009, the Company announced that Entelos and Imperium were continuing to negotiate a restructuring of the debt financing arrangements and have further amended the terms of the secured debt in order to allow the parties until July 2, 2009 to finalize the revised terms of the existing debt financing arrangements.

The Company has discussed its delisting proposal with Imperium, and Imperium has indicated that it supports the Delisting, and that Delisting will be an important step in the completion of the restructuring of the existing debt financing arrangements.  In addition, Imperium has agreed to further amend the terms of the secured debt in order to allow the parties until July 24, 2009 to finalize the revised terms of the existing debt financing arrangements, and those negotiations continue. Read release.

Plectix Introduces Insulin Signaling Tool
Plectix BioSystems introduced Insulin Signaling cBook in Cellucidate, a web-based workspace for cell biology.  Presented in Cellucidate's flexible, interactive and intuitive cBook format, the content is designed to give a mechanistic view of the complex biology of insulin signaling. This new perspective not only illustrates the canonical view of the insulin signaling network, but provides live, working models that researchers can edit and run with their own experimental data. The Insulin Signaling cBook also includes an experimental chapter that allows users to explore different scenarios that can be generated by modifying the rules and parameters of the insulin signaling model. For more information.

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