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January 13, 2010 | Symyx Releases Notebook 6.4
The latest release has improved support for method development, validation and execution in regulated and non-regulated analytical labs."Symyx Notebook 6.4 is our most feature-rich upgrade to date," said Trevor Heritage, president of Symyx's software business unit. "The latest advancements round out important functionality for analytical labs while also supporting other scientific disciplines, including biology."

Symyx Notebook 6.4 offers, among others, the following feature upgrades: new spreadsheet section that enables cell-by-cell auditing, import/export of Excel workbooks and inline editing/graphing capabilities; enhanced capabilities for creating and executing structured recipes and procedures; improved support for sample preparations with auto-generated procedure text and calculations for dilutions and replicates.
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Podcast – Evaluating Translational Medicine
Kevin Davies, Editor-in-Chief, Bio-IT World, talks with Tessella principal consultant Dr Andrew Chadwick about the promise and perils of translational medicine. Topics include: effective, ethical approaches to trial design that harness incompletely validated predictive and prognostic biomarkers; ways to improve the value of image information and other rich data; tradeoffs to expect in using biomarkers for early go/no-go decisions; and how graphical models of risk and uncertainty can help the business, portfolio and functional teams to jointly leverage these exciting TM opportunities.
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Illumina Launches High-Density Bovine BeadChip
The new chip contains data from more than 20 diverse breeds that was generated from recent sequencing largely done with Illumina Genome AnalyzerIIx technology. The BovineHD BeadChip will interrogate more than 500,000 loci, representing over ten times more genetic markers than the company's industry-leading BovineSNP50 BeadChip.
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Horizon Discovery Forms New Subsidiary
The new subsidiary, Horizon Dx (HDx) will support the development, approval and sale of companion diagnostic products initially in the field of cancer. At the center of the venture will be Horizon’s expanding panel of 175+ human isogenic cell models that recapitulate key drug sensitivity and resistance mechanisms in cancer patients.

These ‘X-MANTM’ (Mutant And Normal) models are being developed using a proprietary gene-engineering technology called GENESISTM that enables (for the first time) the rapid and precise alteration of any endogenous gene loci in human cells. Using this revolutionary technology advance, in vitro cell models comprising any SNP or activating point-mutation can be routinely developed to rationally develop targeted drugs or diagnostics to ‘real-world’ patient genetics. The first commercial products supplied by the new venture is a source of genetically-defined mutant vs. normal human DNA, as well as isogenic cell-admixtures situated within formalin fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE) samples.
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Agilent Technologies, Covaris Announce Co-marketing Deal
Under the agreement Covaris S2 DNA shearing technology will be marketed with the Agilent SureSelect Target Enrichment System to streamline next-generation sequencing experiments. "Covaris provides an important sample preparation tool for shearing DNA evenly, and it has been adopted by next-generation sequencing thought leaders around the world," said Fred Ernani, Agilent senior product manager for Emerging Genomic Applications.

As part of the co-marketing agreement, Covaris has developed a special SureSelect Accessory Kit to help customers integrate the technology into their workflows. This adds significant value for SureSelect customers who choose to buy Covaris S2 systems. Agilent will continue to work with Covaris to develop new SureSelect protocols and products, leveraging the benefits of both products to provide next-generation sequencing users with the most robust tools for targeted re-sequencing.
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GeneGo to Sell Omicsoft Products
Pathway tool and database supplier GeneGo will sell Omicsoft’s Array Studio and Array Server globally except for Japan. Array Studio is a software package which provides state of the art statistics and visualization for the analysis of high dimensional quantification data (OMICs data). Array Server is an enterprise data repository solution, allowing users to store, share, search, and integrate their microarray/SNP/CNV projects and data.
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Pharsight CRADA Delivers Phoenix NLME and Phoenix Connect
Pharsight released two new data analysis tools; Phoenix NLME and Phoenix Connect, which were developed via a collaborative CRADA with FDA. “When we entered into this CRADA we agreed to provide the FDA with new software for the analysis, visualization, storage, reporting and review of pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic data,” said Daniel Weiner, Chief Technology Officer of Pharsight.

Phoenix NLME 1.0 is Pharsight’s  new data processing and modeling software for population pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic (PK/PD) analysis. Phoenix Connect allows users to save all the work done with different tools under a single Phoenix project file that can be shared, rerun, changed, and even saved as part of a workflow template that can be reused later with other datasets.
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Accelrys Hires New CFO
Accelrys announced two senior appointments: Michael Piraino joins the company as Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer while Paul J. Burrin assumes the position of Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer. Both will report to Max Carnecchia, Accelrys' President and Chief Executive Officer.
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