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Februrary 10, 2010 | BC Genomics Partners with Genpathway
Designed to offer customers whole-genome chromatin immunoprecipitation sequencing (ChIP-Seq) services, the alliance provides researchers investigating gene regulation and genetic pathways a single, inclusive source for services supporting genome-wide studies of transcription factor binding, gene transcription and epigenetic events.

“This alliance with Genpathway strategically leverages both companies’ core competencies and expertise to supplement our DNA sequencing services with the highest-quality, most reliable ChIP-Seq capabilities available,” said Elizabeth Nickerson, global business line leader of DNA sequencing services at Beckman Coulter Genomics.

ChIP-Seq combines the sophistication of chromatin immunoprecipitation with the power of ultra high-throughput next generation DNA sequencing to enable the study of complex interactions between proteins and nucleic acids. Mapping protein-DNA complexes in vivo on a genome-wide scale with ChIP-Seq builds a picture of the intricate network of interactions that regulate genes and genetic pathways in a sample. Read release.

Entelos Wins Patent
Simulation specialist Entelos was granted U.S. Patent (No. 7,654,955) entitled “Apparatus and Methods for Assessing Metabolic Substrate Utilization.” The company says the methods strengthen the Entelos Metabolism PhysioLab and can lead to improved diagnosis, clinical testing, and personalized treatment across a highly variable patient population.

“We are pleased to add this new patent to cap our leadership position in metabolic disorders such as diabetes and obesity,” stated Jeff Trimmer, CSO of Entelos. “Our biosimulation platforms and insightful ‘what if’ scenarios have already led to better decisions in R&D and this new diagnostic capability can stratify patients based on underlying differences in their disease state to optimize care.” Read release.

TTP LabTech Launches New Screening Service
Based around the company’s HCS technology, the Acumen microplate cytometer, the new service will provide clients with high-content data using cell-based assays for the investigation of various biological phenomena - including cell cycle, RNAi profiling, angiogenesis and signal pathway profiling.

The new service complements TTP LabTech’s existing product business by providing companies with an easy route into high-content screening, regardless of their internal resources.  Initially run from TTP LabTech’s headquarters in the UK, the service is currently available in two forms, Standard and Full. The Standard Service offering, includes the rapid scanning and analysis of pre-prepared experimental plates whilst the more extensive Full Service incorporates the entire process from cell culture, through compound/reagent treatment, to screening, analysis and data reporting, and can include assay development where required. For more information.

Quotient Bioresearch Debuts New Website
UK-based Quotient Bioresearch, a provider of early stage and specialist drug development services to biopharma and medical device clients worldwide, announces the launch of its new company website, The new website highlights the company's key focus areas of Chemistry and Metabolism, Clinical and Bioanalytical Sciences and provides visitors with a wealth of information on Quotient's innovative range of service capabilities for advancing drug development.

Quotient Bioresearch offers a range of services including 14C labeling, metabolism studies, Phase I/IIa clinical drug development and bioanalysis for small and large molecules. For more information.

Peakdale Molecular, Pfizer Unveil Chem. Services Group
The new group, which will supplement Peakdale’s Chemistry Services unit in Derbyshire, U.K., will employ 50 scientists and provide developmental chemistry services for Pfizer and other pharmaceutical developers working in the region. Read in-Pharma Technologist report.

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