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April 14, 2010 | Accelrys, Symyx Agree to Merge
The deal is expected to be completed in late June. Accelrys has a strong modeling & simulation and workflow portfolio with deep roots in chemistry. Symyx has strong ELN and collaboration tools. According to a release, “The combined company will have more than 1,350 customers, including 29 of the top 30 biopharmaceutical companies, all five top chemical companies, all five top aerospace companies, three of the five top consumer packaged goods companies, a number of top US Federal Government Agencies, as well as many top academic institutions.”  Read release.

Illumina Launches VeraCode ADME Core Panel
The new panel is designed to help researchers study genetic predispositions for differential drug response and adverse events. Leveraging Illumina's VeraCode technology, researchers can analyze key ADME content in as little as one day, allowing studies to proceed faster and more efficiently than ever before. The VeraCode ADME Core Panel offers:

• High-value content: The panel contains 184 biomarkers in 34 genes, with the highest coverage of the PharmADME Core List.
• Rapid and precise genotyping assay: Using a highly specific and streamlined chemistry, DNA can be genotyped within 8 hours with less than 2.5 hours of hands-on time.
• High-quality data: Two layers of specificity and integrated quality controls ensure data precision with an excellent call rate. Read release.

Roche NimbleGen Seeks GMP Arrays as Step Toward FDA Submission
Roche NimbleGen said it plans to achieve compliance with Good Manufacturing Process standards for its microarrays "followed by subsequent submission for clearance or approval of select array products to the US Food and Drug Administration."

Frank Pitzer, CEO of Roche NimbleGen, said in a statement that the company is in discussions with the FDA "to ensure compliance in our processes and products" in order to market its arrays in the diagnostic market. Read GenomeWeb Report.

Metabolon Gains Two New Patents
Claims in the patents are for uses of metabolomics to identify diagnostic biomarkers for depression and schizophrenia by profiling classes of metabolites in a sample. The innovations provide means to identify novel metabolite biomarkers for depression or schizophrenia by profiling the biochemicals, such as sugars, nucleotides, fatty acids, amino acids and other small molecules, in patient samples and then comparing the profiles with reference profiles. Read release.

Covance, EA Offer Testing Service
Covance, a leading global drug development services firm, and Expression Analysis, a leading provider of genomic microarray testing and analysis services, announced the availability of a first-of-its-kind genomics testing service. Through the agreement with Expression Analysis, Covance's Central Laboratory Services will offer genomic microarray testing as an integral part of their clinical trial services. Read release.

LC Advances miRNA Research
LC Sciences launched its new Seq-ArraySM services designed to take full advantage of both the latest deep sequencing capabilities and the proven genomics tool – microarray. The company says the combination of technologies advances microRNA research to the next level. Read release.

Affy, Jackson launch Mouse Diversity Genotyping Array
They report this is the first high-density genotyping array that enables researchers to study the complexity of the mouse genome and the diversity among mouse strains.

The array was developed in the laboratories of Fernando Pardo-Manuel de Villena, of the University of North Carolina, and Gary Churchill, of the Center for Genome Dynamics at The Jackson Laboratory. It is manufactured and sold by Affymetrix and is also available as part of a service from The Jackson Laboratory. For information.

EMBL Gets into Movie Business
Name a human gene, and you’ll find a movie online showing you what happens to cells when it is switched off. This is the resource that researchers at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) in Heidelberg, Germany, and their collaborators in the Mitocheck consortium are making freely available, as the result of a study in which they have identified the genes involved in mitosis – the most common form of cell division – in humans. Published today in Nature, their work begins to unravel the molecular workings of one of the most fundamental processes of life: how one cell becomes two.

“Without mitosis, nothing happens in life, really”, says Jan Ellenberg, who led the study at EMBL, “and when mitosis goes wrong, you get defects like cancer.”

Of the 22,000 genes in each human cell, almost 600 play a part in mitosis, Ellenberg and colleagues found. To uncover which genes are involved in this process, the scientists developed a new method using high-throughput imaging of living cells. They silenced, or inactivated, each of the 22,000 human genes one by one in a different set of cells, and filmed those cells for 48 hours under a microscope. This generated almost 200,000 time-lapse movies of mitosis. More Information.

Amino Acid Analyzers Offers Rapid Protocols
Biochrom launched the Biochrom 30+ Series of amino acid analyzers. Based on ion exchange chromatography with post-column derivatization of samples using ninhydrin, these instruments accurately identify and quantify free amino acids, as well as the amino acid composition of proteins and peptides.

ID Appoints Luderer CEO
Integrated Diagnostics, a personalized diagnostics company founded by Dr. Leroy Hood, named Dr. Albert Luderer as CEO. He was previously president and CEO of BioTrove, a venture-backed molecular biological tools company that was acquired by Life Technologies in December 2009. Read MarketWatch article.

BioClinica Purchases Transenda’s Assets
BioClinica is a global provider of clinical trial management services and TranSenda is a provider of clinical trial management software (CTMS) solutions and is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.

“TranSenda brings a line of Office-Smart clinical trial management solutions to BioClinica that will become a part of our Microsoft Office-enabled delivery vision,” said Mark Weinstein, CEO of BioClinica. Read release.

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