(September 19, 2018)

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Webinar Description:

Are you able to detect safety and data risks early enough to keep your clinical trials on track? How do you know your clinical teams are intervening in a trial at the right time? Do you wonder if there are opportunities to improve your outcomes with technology?

With better access to critical data insights, medical data reviewers, medical monitors, and clinical safety teams can identify trends and outliers across critical data elements and take action on potential issues sooner.

Attendees will learn how technology can enable collaborative, actionable, workflow-driven data review strategies on critical data elements. We’ll also demonstrate how technology can:

  • Provide holistic data insights across sources (EDC and external data)
  • Enable cross-functional collaboration between medical monitors, remote data reviewers, clinical data managers, and clinical safety and site monitors
  • Collaborate across the team with review workflow, and flag risks while reviewing data
  • Improve overall safety and the quality of data

Learning Objectives:

  • Uncover trends from recent market research into streamlining clinical trials.
  • Discover the latest innovations in clinical data management and analytics.
  • Learn ways that technology can help clinical teams collaborate to review more effectively.
  • See the value that peer organizations are gaining from trial data analysis.


Sundaram RamakrishnanSundaram Ramakrishnan
Venture Leader
Cognizant SmartTrials

Sundaram Ramakrishnan has 16+ years of experience in Clinical informatics, Clinical trial design and data management. Sundaram specializes in Clinical Operations technology, data & analytics and is passionate about bringing disruptive technologies to streamline clinical trial operations. Sundaram is currently the venture leader and Product owner for Cognizant SmartTrials - a Clinical Performance management solution that streamlines clinical trial operations.