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Researchers Using Models To Understand COVID-19, Other News

Bio-IT World | Researchers are continuing to analyze COVID-19 through several models. A new mouse model is being developed in China to test and confirm the efficacy of a potential vaccine, while a researcher in the US is using computer models to understand the structure of the virus.


Time to Innovate for Faster, Smarter Discovery and Clinical Development Cycles

Bio-IT World Contributed Commentary | We’ve learned so much living through these unprecedented times. One lesson is the need to mobilize quickly, provide effective testing and contact tracing, and accelerate the development of therapies and vaccines to protect the global community. That can only be done through the power of data: the defining currency in drug discovery and clinical development.


Follow the Money: Cash for AI Models, Oncology, Hematology Therapies
| Bio-IT World  Sema4 gets $121M to build dynamic models of human health and define optimal, individualized health trajectories. Glioblastoma, hematology, and acute pancreatitis all see new funding for therapy development. And AI-powered models net cash. more

Ancestry Launches NGS Tests With Family History Component

Bio-IT World | Ancestry has launched AncestryHealth powered by Next Generation Sequencing. It is an upgrade to AncestryDNA + Traits, adding genetic health risk reports, a family health history tool, and other resources.


One Small Step For Open Science, One Giant Leap For Metastasis Research

Bio-IT World | In a first-of-its-kind collaboration, researchers from 19 academically affiliated international laboratories have agreed to share their cell line models specific to brain metastasis with pretty much anyone who asks for them.


New Data on Genetic Expression In Severe COVID-19, Pre-Existing Immune Response

Bio-IT World | Research continues to uncover the underlying biology of SARS-CoV-2 and reveal some surprises. A German team found that 35% of their healthy controls had pre-existing SARS-CoV-2 cross-reactive T cells, and several groups are narrowing down the gene expression signatures that might explain why COVID-19 is so severe in some patients.


Celsius Therapeutics, Twist Bioscience, And More: News From July 2020

Bio-IT World July featured exciting new, products, and partnerships from around the bio-IT community from innovating companies, organizations, and universities, including Celsius Therapeutics, Twist Bioscience, and more.


Coronavirus Exposure Could Induce Long-Lasting Memory T Cells, Other COVID-19 News

Bio-IT World | A new collaborative study suggests that infection and exposure to coronaviruses induces long-lasting memory T cells, which could help in the management of the current pandemic and in vaccine development against COVID-19. This, plus more, is included in this week’s COVID-19 news from the biotech and research industries.


Cell, Gene Therapy Manufacturing As Large-Scale Biology

Bio-IT World Contributed Commentary | The last three years we have witnessed an exponential expansion of the cell and gene therapy space, both in the number of cell and gene therapies approved or in development, and the real and projected values of the market. This growth is rapidly changing the way we think about what medicines are.


CareCom Joins Lyniate’s Co-Creation Lab to Address Interoperability
| BOSTON, MA, UNITED STATES - Jul 29, 2020 - Lyniate, a global leader in healthcare data interoperability, today announced a partnership with CareCom, a leading provider of terminology services management, to drive interoperability innovation more

Abzena Receives Growth Capital Investment from Newly Launched Biospring Partners
| CAMBRIDGE, UNITED KINGDOM - Jul 28, 2020 - Cambridge, UK, Bristol, PA and San Diego, CA -28 July 2020 - Abzena, a leading global partnership research organization providing integrated discovery, development and manufacturing of biologics and antibody drug conjugates (ADCs), has announced a $10M investment of growth capital from Biospring Partners, a New York based investment firm more

Zsolt Lavotha has been appointed acting CEO of Swedish Biomimetics 3000® Ltd
| HETHEL, NORFOLK, UNITED KINGDOM - Jul 28, 2020 - Zsolt Lavotha has been appointed acting CEO of Swedish Biomimetics 3000® Ltd (SB3000 Ltd), a pioneer in green, continuous manufacturing of pharmaceutical products more

Agendia Publishes Unprecedented Full Genome Dataset from MINDACT Trial for the Advancement of Translational Research in Communications Biology
| NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES - Jul 27, 2020 - Agendia, Inc., a world leader in precision oncology for breast cancer, today announced the publication of MINDACT trial data in the July 27 issue of Communications Biology, a Nature Publishers Journal more

Phosplatin Therapeutics Receives Notice of US Patent Issuance for PT-112 as Therapeutic Agent for Treatment of Bone or Blood Cancers
| NEW YORK, NY - Jul 23, 2020 - Phosplatin Therapeutics LLC, a clinical stage pharmaceutical company focused on oncology therapeutics, today announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued US Patent No more

Alfa Chemistry Optimized Precious Metal Catalysts Recovery and Refining Service
| NY, NY - Jul 23, 2020 - The New York-based chemical supplier Alfa Chemistry announced earlier this month that it has taken measures to optimize metal catalysts recovery and refining service more

TrialScope Welcomes Moderna into Its Community of Clinical Trial Sponsors
| JERSEY CITY, NJ, UNITED STATES - Jul 22, 2020 - TrialScope, the global leader in clinical trial disclosure and transparency management technology, is proud to announce the addition of Moderna to its growing customer roster more

Smarter Soup start-up raises capital to help reduce risk of diabetes
| NORWICH, UK - Jul 21, 2020 - The Smarter Food Company has raised £1m in funding to accelerate the development of food products with health benefits more

New Certa Plus sinusoidal pump - a best in class, sustainable solution for shear sensitive, viscous pharmaceutical products
| FALMOUTH, UK - Jul 20, 2020 - Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group (WMFTG) announces the launch of its new Certa Plus pump series to provide sustainable, high quality, versatile fluid management for the pharmaceutical industry more

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