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GSK Updates on Social Media Tracking

TODAY | MobiHealthNews | GlaxoSmithKline and Epidemico won a 2015 Bio-IT World Best Practices award last year for ProjectCRAWL, an effort to survey social media to alert GSK to adverse events. Yesterday, GSK's director of pharmacovigilance gave an update on how the pharma is using Epidemico's data.

With Cleversafe buy IBM zeroes in on unstructured data

| Computerworld | IBM will acquire object-based storage vendor Cleversafe in a move to bolster its cloud business unit with more flexibility and simplified management options in the hybrid cloud, it announced on Monday.

Can the New Google Have a Long and Productive Life?

| MIT Technology Review | To truly change the world, Google's new holding company will need something that has eluded many previous industrial labs: an effective commercialization strategy.

A Worthy Sequel: PacBio's New Sequencing System

| Bio-IT World | Pacific Biosciences has released a new genome sequencing instrument, the Sequel — providing the first-in-class whole genome assemblies of its predecessor the RS II, but much faster and at half the cost. But the company's underlying problems, pitching high quality in a price-sensitive market, are not much changed.

With $55M Neon Wants To Make the Cancer Vaccine Problem Personal

| Xconomy | Neon Therapeutics hopes to harness the body's immune system against the genetic fingerprints of tumors, creating a new kind of cancer vaccine.

PacBio Announces Sequel Sequencing System

| Bio-IT World | Pacific Biosciences today announced a new nucleic acid sequencing platform. The Sequel System provides higher throughput, more scalability, a reduced footprint and lower sequencing project costs compared to the PacBio RS II System, while maintaining the existing benefits of the company’s SMRT Technology.

September News and Product Briefs

| Bio-IT World | News and product releases from around the industry, including results from a study on Apple's ResearchKit, and population-scale genome analytics from GENALICE.

How People Living at Earth's Extremes Reveal the Genome's Best Tricks

| The Atlantic | Evolution has sculpted the human genome to cope with Earth's toughest climates, inadvertently pointing geneticists towards medically important genes.

Drug Pricing Fears Erase Biotech Stock Gains for the Year

| The Street | Anger over a price hike at Turing Pharmaceuticals and a Congressional letter to Valeant have dealt a blow to biotech stocks that many observers already fretted were sharply overvalued.

Speed Heals: The 26-Hour Diagnostic Genome

| Bio-IT World | Stephen Kingsmore and his colleagues at the Center for Pediatric Genomic Medicine at Children’s Mercy in Kansas City, announced 26-hour diagnostic whole genome sequencing in a paper published today in Genomic Medicine, an improvement over the 50-hour whole genome sequencing the group published in 2012. The paper is published just one day after Kingsmore took his new post as President and CEO of the Rady Pediatric Genomics and Systems Medicine Institute at Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego.

FDA Turns Its Eye on Pathway's 'Direct-to-Consumer' Cancer Test

| Diagnostics World | This Thursday, the FDA sent a letter to Pathway Genomics warning the company that a newly introduced test, a liquid biopsy to find early-stage cancer in apparently healthy people, has not been clinically validated and could be harmful to public health. The letter not only calls attention to the shaky evidence for this test's accuracy, but also asserts the FDA's authority over a whole category of tests in a regulatory gray area.

Farewell Nabsys

| Omics! Omics! Blog | Nabsys and its all-electronic single molecule physical mapping approach closed its doors a little over a week ago.

Bring your companys dark data to light with this free new tool from Tamr

| Computerworld | Tamr's enterprise metadata catalog can help companies create an inventory of their data sources, including metadata about who owns the source.

Tour of the Cloud: Emerald Cloud Labs’ Hardware and Software Vision

| Bio-IT World | Emerald Cloud Labs' robotics facility for programmable scientific experiments is up and running in South San Francisco, as Bio-IT World editor Allison Proffitt reports from inside the lab.

IBM to open San Francisco office dedicated to Watson supercomputing

| Fortune | IBM plans to open a new San Francisco office next year dedicated to growing its Watson supercomputing business. The location will give IBM direct access to the Bay Area startups.

Venter's HLI Opens Genome Sequencing Service

| San Diego Union-Tribune | Craig Venter's latest company, Human Longevity, Inc., has announced a partnership with health insurer Discovery Ltd. of the U.K. and South Africa to offer patients whole exome sequencing for $250, a service Venter hopes to extend to the U.S.

Garvan Institute Uses Panasas System for X Ten

| Bio-IT World  | The Garvan Institute of Medical Research in Sydney was one of the first three groups to sign up for Illumina’s HiSeq X Ten sequencing platform in 2014, a system that produced up to 5TB of data per day. To enable round the clock computing with as little down time as possible, the Institute opted for the Panasas PanFS parallel file system.

British Scientists Seek Permission To Edit DNA In Human Embryos

| | After Chinese scientists announced in April that they had edited the genes in human embryos, many researchers said it shouldn't be done. Scientists in London say they want to do it for research only.

Under the Hood with Edico’s DRAGEN Card at HudsonAlpha

| Bio-IT World | Two weeks before Edico was ready to go public, Shawn Levy of HudsonAlpha was happily telling us of his expereince with Edico's DRAGEN card, a bio-IT processor that claims to massively accelerate secondary analysis algorithms while simultaneously improving accuracy. Levy calls it--in a word--amazing.

Precision Medicine Initiative Working Group Report Released

| Bio-IT World The Precision Medicine Initiative Working Group released its report today answering the NIH Director’s challenge to lay out a blueprint for the initiative President Obama announced in January.

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