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Roche Acquires Bina Technologies’ Powerful Genome Analysis Platform

| Bio-IT World | Bina Technologies announced this morning that it has been acquired by Roche. Financial details were not disclosed. The Roche acquisition is, “the best outcome that could have happened for our company,” co-founder and CEO Narges Bani Asadi told Bio-IT World today.

Genome Sequencing Exploring the Diagnostic Promise

| NIH Director's Blog | At the time that we completed a draft of the 3 billion letters of the human genome about a decade ago, it would have cost about $100 million to sequence a second human genome. Today, thanks to advances in DNA sequencing technology, it will soon be possible to sequence your genome or mine for  $1,000…

Function Follows Form: A New Look at Genome Folding

| Bio-IT World | Fitting a two-meter strand of DNA into a nucleus a few microns long is no simple thing. The genome isn’t wadded up and stuffed into every cell in the body, it’s folded meticulously. A five-year effort to look at the genome inside cells suggests that these folds may play crucial roles in function.

Version 13 of the Human Protein Atlas, Clickable, Downloadable, and Nearly Complete, is Now Online

| Bio-IT World | A new version of a research tool described as the world’s first spatial index to the human proteome is expected to change the nature of drug development, and is already the source of some two external peer-reviewed research papers on average every day, said Professor Mathias Uhlén, at a press conference on Nov. 6 announcing the release of version 13 of the Atlas.

Global Alliance Plans Internet for Genomes

| MIT Technology Review | Scientists are starting to open their DNA databases online, creating a network that could pave the way for gene analysis at a new scale.

14M Genomics Spins out of Sanger

| Business Weekly | A new genomics powerhouse, 14M Genomics, spun out of the world famous Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, has been launched in the Cambridge UK technology cluster with a £12.5 million financing.

Big Pharma Moves to Boston

| Boston Globe | Big pharma is expanding its reach in the Boston area, picking up small to mid-sized biotechs for billions of dollars. Last week Merck announced plans to buy Cubist Pharmaceuticals for $9.5 billion.

Quanterix Offers Lab Access to Simoa Protein Analyzer

| Bio-IT World News Brief | Quanterix today announced the opening of a Simoa Accelerator in Lexington, Mass., where scientists and can rent access to the company's high-throughput Simoa instruments for protein analysis.

Retraction Watch to Build Comprehensive Database of Retractions

| Bio-IT World News Brief | Retraction Watch, a popular blog founded in 2010 to investigate retractions in the scientific literature, has received a two-year grant from the MacArthur Foundation to compile a database of all retractions, corrections, and expressions of concern in every field of science.

Smithsonian jumps into biodiversity genomics with new institute

| Science/AAAS News | The Smithsonian Institution plans to launch a virtual biodiversity genomics institute to catalog DNA from the earth's flora and fauna. To coordinate biodiversity genomics, the Smithsonian hopes to raise $100 million over the next 10 years.

Agenda: Informatics Channel at MMTC

| Bio-IT World | The Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference in San Francisco has a rich agenda with four content channels in addition to short courses and symposia. This year we are particularly interested in the Informatics Channel. Here’s the working draft of our agenda.

Annai Hosts International Cancer Genome Consortium Data

| Bio-IT World | Data generated by the International Cancer Genome Consortium, including whole genomes, exomes, and RNA-seq, will now be made available to researchers through Annai Systems' ShareSeq platform.

Intriguing Results for Nanopore Sequencing from Defunct Roche-IBM Partnership

| Bio-IT World | Researchers from Arizona State University and IBM’s TJ Watson Research Center present the development of a solid state tunneling device sensitive to nucleotides. The next steps may reveal the direction in which nanopore sequencing is heading.

Study finds support for newborn genetic testing among parents

| Boston Herald | Most parents would like to have their newborns genetically tested for medical conditions and disorders, according to a new study published this wee

BaseHealth, Labco Sign European Partnership

| Bio-IT World | BaseHealth of Redwood City, Calif., has announced a partnership with the European diagnostics network Labco to deploy BaseHealth’s Genophen platform to thousands of physicians across Europe

Druggability: An Underappreciated Issue in Translating the Human Genome Into Therapeutics

| Omics! Omics! Blog | Keith Robison: "It's sobering to think how few of the targets of current therapeutics could be found from genomics data."

Controversy Over CRISPR Patents

| MIT Technology Review | As Editas Medicine claims exclusive licenses to use key intellectual property around the CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing system, many of the innovators of this technology are disputing patent priority, or even the right to patent foundational CRISPR engineering techniques.

Pharma Multi-Millionaire Gives 100 Million To University of North Carolina

| Forbes | Former pharmaceutical executive Fred Eshelman has pledged $100 million to spur innovation at the UNC's pharmacy school.

MIT and Massachusetts General Hospital Team Up on New Microbiome-Based Therapies

| Bio-IT World | Eric Alm, co-director of the new Center for Microbiome Informatics and Therapeutics at MIT and MGH, talks microbial therapies, new regulatory models, and the public appeal of our microbes.

IP Deals Shed Light on Editas Medicine’s Strategy for CRISPR Gene Therapies

| Bio-IT World | Editas Medicine, a Cambridge company tackling therapies based on CRISPR gene editing, announced three intellectual property licensing deals with major research institutions this week, gaining exclusive access to key CRISPR-related technologies.

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