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As Genetics Moves to the Clinic, Pathogenic Variants Still Subject to Doubt and Debate

TODAY | Bio-IT World | Genetic diagnostics is a growing field with great promise for improving medical care—yet interpreting the results of tests is a painstaking process, and different labs can disagree on which variants contribute to disease. As open science advocates seek to collect together and curate our knowledge of disease-related genes, the reluctance of many clinical labs to share their data continues to hinder progress.

Novartis Out of RNAi Research

| Forbes | Novartis bows out of RNAi research, the second big pharma to do so.

Broad Claims Patent on CRISPR Technology

| Bio-IT World News Brief | The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office this morning issued the first patent to cover CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing, awarding the Broad Institute a patent for a version of the CRISPR-Cas9 system used to modify the DNA of mammalian cells.

In Last Sprint to Product Launch, Edico Genome Hints at Massively Accelerated Informatics

| U-T San Diego | San Diego-based Edico Genome is working on a chip-based system, the Dragen Wavefront Processor, to perform first-line analysis of genetic information in a fraction of the time required by the fastest current methods.

Bio-Rad Picks Up GnuBIO, Droplet-Based Sequencing

| Bio-IT World News Brief | Bio-Rad has acquired GnuBIO, a next-generation droplet-based DNA sequencing technology. GnuBIO's DNA sequencing solution integrates the entire sample preparation workflow on a chip.

Duke's Plans for the Soon-to-be Defunct Institute for Genome Sciences

| Duke Chronicle | Duke's plans for the Institute for Genome Sciences & Policy were made public in late March--a formal dismantling July 1.

AWS, Google, Microsoft Chop Cloud Prices

| Computerworld | A string of price cuts from Google, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft has further driven down the price of cloud computing.

FDA Grants Breakthrough Status to Gene Therapy for First Time

| Bio-IT World News Brief | Celladon today became the first company to receive breakthrough status for a gene therapy treatment in development. The treatment, MYDICAR, is intended to reduce the risk of heart failure in patients with a deficiency of the enzyme SERCA2a.

Aspera on Life with IBM, and Bio-IT World Expo Plans

| Bio-IT World | A few months after Aspera's acquisition by IBM, Bio-IT World caught up with Aspera CEO Michelle Munson, a Bio-IT World Conference & Expo speaker and exhibitor, to hear the latest on life at Big Blue and what’s new in Aspera’s pipeline. 

India's Open Source Experiment Short on Funds, Talent

| Bio-IT World Roundup | More challenges for India's Open Source Drug Development project. The Indian Ministry of Science and Technology reportedly did not clear the cabinet note meant to extend funding for the Open Source Drug Discovery project and the project is facing a serious talent shortage.

Mouse Models, Wayward Trials, and New Guidelines

| Bio-IT World Roundup | A March 26 Nature comment is getting press today. Steve Perrin, chief scientific officer at the ALS Therapy Development Institute in Cambridge, Mass., is frustrated with the mouse models driving ALS research.

New Life for Cancer Immunotherapy

| Technology Review | Data presented at the American Association of Cancer Researchers (AACR) event over the weekend heralded the revival of cancer immunotherapy.

Annual IT Worker Salary Survey Released

| Computerworld | Computerworld released its 2014 Salary Survey for tech workers today. Compared with last year, salaries inched up slowly, but with more employees seeing increases.

'Where Do I Get More Data?'

| Huffington Post | A practicing bioinformatician makes the case for genomic research organizations to make their data public.

Schrödinger's New Platform for Real-Time Collaboration on Drug Design

| Bio-IT World | The new LiveDesign platform, released this week, allows computational and medicinal chemists to cooperate in the cloud, drawing new compounds and running predictive models on them during live sessions.

Appistry Announces Commercial Version of GATK 3.0

| Bio-IT World News Brief | Appistry, which has managed the commercial releases of the Broad Institute's Genome Analysis Toolkit (GATK) since 2012, has released the GATK 3 for commercial use.

Cornell Opens Center for Reproductive Genomics

| Cornell Chronicle | Cornell University has established a new Center for Reproductive Genomics (CRG) with the help of a five-year, $10 million grant from NIH.

23andMe Brings in New Regulatory Counsel

| Bio-IT World News Brief | This morning, 23andMe announced the appointment of industry veteran Kathy Hibbs as chief legal and regulatory officer, filling a role that has been vacant for nearly a year.

Stem Cell Author Found Guilty of Scientific Misconduct

| Bio-IT World Roundup | A Japanese scientific committee yesterday found that the lead author of the acid-induced stem cell paper published in Nature is guilty of scientific misconduct.

ACMG Changes Recommendations on Incidental Findings and Opting Out

| Bio-IT World | ACMG changes their recommendations on incidental findings in genomic testing, recommending that patients be given the option to opt out before testing occurs.

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