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WuXi NextCODE, Huawei Launch Precision Medicine Cloud for China

| Bio-IT World Brief | WuXi AppTec and Huawei launched the China Precision Medicine Cloud today. The two companies hope the platform will support the Chinese government’s Precision Medicine Initiative, and link researchers across China through a secure nationwide network.

This Machine Spits Out Pills In A Whole New Way

| | A refrigerator-sized machine could someday make lifesaving drugs on site when outbreaks occur or where medicine is in short supply, like on the battlefield.

Review Twin Books on the Genome Far From Identical

| New York Times | Dr. Siddhartha Mukherjee offers a soaring epic, while Dr. Steven Lipkin watches a revolution in genomics unfold in the clinic.

Inside Vicarious the Secretive AI Startup Bringing Imagination to Computers

| MIT Technology Review | By reinventing the neural network, the company hopes to help computers make the leap from processing words and symbols to comprehending the real world.

Top 3 Data Security Lessons from Bio-IT World Expo 2016

| Bio-IT World  On day one of Bio-IT World Conference & Expo this year, Bio-IT World asked Michael Dimitruk, Sales Director at Accunet Solutions (one of the conference's perennial exhibitors), what he thought would be the biggest takeaway from this year's conference. His answer was seven words long: "Secure data is better than cheap data."

Dell, SAP Announce HANA appliance, IoT Collaboration with Cloudera

| Bio-IT World Brief | Dell and SAP announced a collaboration this morning to help customers optimize SAP solution environments running on clouds; deploy IoT enabled solutions; build on specialized healthcare applications; and streamline data migration and analytics with Dell’s world-class services.

CRISPR News and Deals: Editas, Caribou

| Bio-IT World News Brief | Editas Medicine today announced a three-year, $5 million agreement with Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Therapeutics this morning, and Caribou Biosciences completed a $30 million Series B financing round.

Scientists discuss building synthetic genome including human

| STAT | More than 130 scientists, officials, and others met to discuss the topic of creating a large synthetic genome - including, but not limited to, humans.

Biomedical research and clinical practice move closer together

| Health IT Central | Dmitry Etin, of EMC's Strategic Pursuits Team, breaks down his trends and observations from the 2016 Bio-IT World Conference & Expo.

Edico, IBM Collaborate on DRAGEN

| Bio-IT World Brief | Edico Genome and IBM have announced a collaboration to make DRAGEN available on the new IBM Power Systems S822LC for high performance computing.

Human-embryo editing now covered by stem-cell guidelines

| Nature News & Comment | Stem-cell scientists attempt to fend off the need for government regulation that could impede research.

Jackson Lab Receives NIH Grant to Enhance Genetics Instruction in High Schools

| Bio-IT World Brief | The Jackson Laboratory has received a $1.2 million Science Education Partnership Award from the National Institutes of Health for Teaching the Genome Generation, The Jackson Laboratory’s teacher professional development program designed to enhance genetics instruction in high school classrooms.

All in One Day by 2020

| Bio-IT World | Contributed Commentary | Ketan Paranjape general manager of the Health & Life Sciences Group, Intel Corporation, welcomed the crowds at the Bio-IT World Conference & Expo last month in Boston. Paranjape’s opening address was a call to action for the Bio-IT community: harness big data and technology to achieve new heights for precision medicine.

The pressure to publish pushes down quality

| Nature News & Comment | Scientists must publish less, says Daniel Sarewitz, or good research will be swamped by the ever-increasing volume of poor work.

10X, BioNano Publishes De Novo Assembly

| Bio-IT World News Brief  Yesterday, 10x Genomics announced the publication of a study in Nature Methods highlighting the benefits of their GemCode Technology to generate high-quality assemblies of complex genomes with their proprietary Linked-Read approach. The article demonstrates a new strategy for performing rapid, accurate and cost-effective de novo genome assembly using 10x Genomics’ Linked-Reads in combination with technologies from BioNano.

Across The Board Ideas To Narrow Biotechs Gender Gap

| Xconomy | The evidence is piling up. Companies with more women in charge are better businesses. So why are so many biotechs still led mainly by men?

IBMs Watson is going to cybersecurity school

| Computerworld | The result will be a cloud service called Watson for Cyber Security that's designed to provide insights into emerging threats as well as recommendations on how to stop them.

CRISPR Drug Maker Intellia Therapeutics Sells $108M In IPO Shares

| Xconomy | The latest biopharmaceutical company testing Wall Street's belief in the promise of gene modification has gone public. Intellia Therapeutics sold 6 million shares at $18 each to raise $108 million.

Gene Therapy’s First Out-and-Out Cure Is Here

| MIT Technology Review | A genetic therapy for "bubble boy" disease completes a 27-year journey.

The New Parasite Award Recognizes Secondary Analysis of Data

| STAT | The current incentives structure - mostly based on publishing in prestigious journals - discourages sharing, replication, and, some argue, careful science.

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