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AbbVie Buying Cancer Drug Startup Stemcentrx

| Fortune | AbbVie will buy Stemcentrx, which has five drugs targeting "cancer stem cells" in early clinical trials, for up to $10.2 billion in cash and stock.

Emmanuelle Charpentier, the Quiet Revolutionary

| Nature News | The microbiologist spent years moving labs and relishing solitude. Then her work on gene-editing thrust her into the scientific spotlight.

April News and Product Briefs

| Bio-IT World | The latest news and product releases from around the industry, including Novogene's new U.S. sequencing center, and a bioinformatics solution for liquid biopsies from QIAGEN.

JAX and Calico Apply Mouse Genetics to Aging

| Bio-IT World News Brief | The Jackson Laboratory (JAX) and Calico today announced a multi-year collaboration focused on applying mouse genetics to the study of aging.

U.S. efforts to build next-gen supercomputer take shape

| Computerworld | While early goals had the US achieving exascale computing by 2018, the new deadline is 2023.

SwiftStack Announces 4.0 Delivering Scale and Metadata Search

| Bio-IT World  | SwiftStack today announced the latest version of its object storage software with new customer-driven capabilities that deliver scale and metadata search as well as plans for file native access and cloud synchronization. These new features are designed to further simplify and accelerate customer journeys from traditional file systems to more flexible, scalable cloud infrastructures.

UC San Francisco Gains $185 Million for Neuroscience Research

| FierceBiotech | In the largest ever gift to the University of California, San Francisco, the Weill Family Foundation and Joan and Sanford Weill have donated $185 million to establish the UCSF Weill Institute for Neurosciences.

Illumina Opens BaseSpace Suite as End-to-End Solution for Genetic Testing Labs

| Bio-IT World | Illumina’s new, cloud-based BaseSpace Informatics Suite allows a lab with no genomic computing infrastructure of its own to track genetic tests through the laboratory, find genetic variants in human DNA, interpret the clinical importance of DNA test results, and create reports for physicians to consult when making treatment decisions.

AWS Powers New Big Data Services with Giant Hard Disks

| Computerworld | Amazon Web Services is going retro to help companies deal with big data workloads: The cloud provider announced Tuesday that it's launching two new volume types for its Elastic Block Store service that are powered by traditional, spinning disk hard drives.

Pfizer, Roche Embrace the Microbiome, Leading $43M Bet on Second Genome

| Forbes | Scientists are super-excited about the way cheap, fast DNA sequencing technology is making it possible to gather vivid, detailed information about the microbiome. These are the trillions of bugs in our guts, and on our skin, that humans have co-existed with since the beginning. Drug companies, until fairly recently, haven't been [...]

Senators Seek to Legislate DNA Privacy, But Is It Really Possible?

| Techonomy | A new bill introduced by Senators Elizabeth Warren and Mike Enzi adds important privacy protections for genetic data. But real protection will be tough.

Illumina Announces Winners of MiniSeq Scientific Challenge

| Illumina | The Illumina MiniSeq System, unveiled earlier this year, is the company's smallest and simplest next-generation sequencing (NGS) system to date. The Scientific Challenge Program was launched to highlight the range of applications that can be performed using Illumina's most affordable sequencer. After receiving more than 1,100 grant submissions from around the world, winners were announced from the University of Florida, North Carolina State University, and National University of Ireland, Galway.

The 3 Big Technologies To Watch Over The Next Decade: Genomics Nanotechnology and Robotics

| Forbes | While smartphone apps are cool and add convenience to our lives, the real impact of digital technology lies in front of us, when second order technologies are applied to completely new problems.

Odds and Ends from the 2016 Bio-IT World Conference and Expo

| Bio-IT World | At the 15th annual Bio-IT World Conference & Expo in Boston, speakers introduced projects like the latest update to GATK from the Broad Institute; the ISB Cancer Genomics Cloud for shared analysis of TCGA data; the Resilience Project at Mount Sinai; and the NCI Genomic Data Commons for harmonization of DNA data from disparate sources.

Benjamin Langmead Named Fifteenth Annual Benjamin Franklin Award

| Bio-IT World | Benjamin Langmead, an assistant professor of computer science at Johns Hopkins University, was presented with the fifteenth Benjamin Franklin Award from at the 2016 Bio-IT World Conference & Expo for his development of open source and cloud-based bioinformatics software.

From Boutique Clinics to the Community Hospital: Precision Medicine at the Bio-IT World Conference

| Bio-IT World | In the closing plenary session of the Bio-IT World Conference & Expo last week in Boston, keynote speakers Yaron Turpaz of Human Longevity, Inc., Catherine Brownstein of Boston Children's Hospital, and Bill Evans of IBM Watson Health addressed the sticky question of how big data-driven healthcare can make the leap from high-priced luxury to standard practice.

Howard Jacob on Why Whole Genome Sequencing is Best for Medicine


Bio-IT World | Rare diseases are a huge problem. Howard Jacob believes whole genome sequencing can change that. During his keynote speech at the Bio-IT World Conference & Expo in Boston last week, Jacob argued that bringing whole genome sequencing to the clinic is the most accurate and economical option for rare disease patients. And he has experience doing it.

Eric Dishman Named Director of Precision Medicine Cohort Program

| Bio-IT World | The National Institutes of Health have named Eric Dishman, previously of Intel, as Director of the Precision Medicine Initiative (PMI) Cohort Program.  Dishman will lead NIH’s effort to build the PMI landmark longitudinal research study of one million or more U.S. volunteers to expand our ability to improve health and treat disease through precision medicine.

Heidi Rehm on Variant Validation, Gene Validation, and Data Sharing

| Bio-IT World | Making the case for industry-led standards and more open and transparent data sharing at the opening plenary session at last week’s Bio-IT World Conference and Expo in Boston, Heidi Rehm, Ph.D., Director at Partners HealthCare Laboratory for Molecular Medicine and medical director at the Broad Institute Clinical Research Sequencing Platform, discussed the growing needs for improved clarity and consistency of genetic data for clinical and research purposes.

Buzz About Initial Findings from Mount Sinai's Resilience Project

| Bio-IT World | The first paper connected to the Resilience Project, an effort by scientists at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai to find healthy individuals carrying mutations that seemingly ought to cause severe illnesses, was published yesterday in Nature Biotechnology.

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