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Amazon takes on MySQL with Aurora

| Computerworld | Going forward, Amazon will position Aurora as its default database service, a high-performance alternative to MySQL.

Biogen Looks Vulnerable After Stock Sell-Off

| | Cambridge biotechnology giant Biogen Inc. may have to make a bold move to reassure investors -- buying back shares or snapping up a smaller company -- or it could become a takeover target itself, some analysts warned Monday.

Yaron Turpaz on Human Longevity's Big Plans

| Bio-IT World | Human Longevity's vision is grand: sequence 100,000 human genomes a year and "change the way medicine is practiced by helping to shift to a more preventive, genomic-based medicine model.” Yaron Turpaz, HLI’s Chief Information Officer, talks about the first year’s progress and the kind of knowledgebase HLI is building.   

Jun Wang, Chief Executive of BGI, Steps Down

| Nature News & Comment | Jun Wang is leaving his post as chief executive of the Chinese genomics powerhouse BGI, to pursue research in artificial intelligence.

Programming an Abundant Human Gut Microbe

| Bio-IT World | Members of MIT's Synthetic Biology Center have successfully reengineered the genome of Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron to take on new functions inside the gut of a mouse in response to changes in the mouse's diet — the first example of implementing these "genetic circuits" in a bacterium that is highly abundant in the human microbiome.

Google lures businesses to Nearline with 100 PB of free cloud storage

| Computerworld | Google on Thursday had its sights fixed firmly on Amazon as it launched its new, low-cost Nearline cloud storage service out of beta and into general availability.

Converged IT Summit: Exploring Compute Architecture for Life Sciences

| Bio-IT World | If you missed the lightening round that is Chris Dagdigian’s annual Trends from the Trenches talk at Bio-IT World this year, you’ll have another opportunity to catch up at BioTeam’s first Converged IT Summit in San Francisco this September 9-10. I’m sure Dags will have plenty new to say in his keynote presentation, and he’s not the only one. The Summit agenda features two solid days of leaders who are deploying scientific computing infrastructure for life sciences and healthcare.

Converge or Be Purged: IDMP Product Standardization Deadline Looms

| Bio-IT World Contributed Commentary | The European Medicines Agency (EMA) has mandated that all life sciences organizations in Europe and those selling products in Europe demonstrate compliance with the Identification of Medicinal Products (IDMP) standards by July 1, 2016. It’s now imperative for IT and business groups to begin formulating a strategy to not just comply with IDMP, but to embrace it as an impetus for change within the organization. 

23andMe Shuts Down App that Uses Genetic Information to Screen Access

| Bio-IT World | 23andMe today shut down an app built with its API that purported to enable web developers to “restrict access to your site based on traits including sex, ancestry, disease susceptibility [stet], and arbitrary characteristics associated with single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in a person's genotype.”

Meet Deep Genomics a start-up bringing the power of deep learning to genomics

| Washington Post | A painful chapter in his life motivates a researcher to bring deep learning to genomics.

New Funding for Oxford Nanopore as PromethION Approaches

| Bio-IT World News Brief | Oxford Nanopore Technologies announced today that it has raised an additional $109 million in funding for product development and to ramp up manufacturing, coinciding with open applications to join an early access program for the company's first high-throughput instrument.

AncestryDNA, Calico Investigate Human Heredity of Lifespan

| Bio-IT World | AncestryDNA and Google’s Calico today announced an effort to investigate human heredity of lifespan. The two will analyze and investigate the role of genetics and its influences in families experiencing unusual longevity using Ancestry’s proprietary databases, tools and algorithms. Calico will then focus its efforts to develop and commercialize any potential therapeutics that emerge from the analysis. 

What Comes Next for Direct-to-Consumer Genetics?

| Bio-IT World | After receiving FDA clearance for a single carrier screening test this February, 23andMe has promised to release a new health product to its customers later this year. But regulations are sure to change the types of genetic tests available on the direct-to-consumer market — and lead some to look for alternative ways to expand public access to useful genomic information.

The Case for Theranos

| Forbes | Matthew Herper talks to Elizabeth Holmes and the organizations partnering with her company Theranos, to check out the evidence for her claims to radically reduce the price and burden of blood tests.

Dr. Lee Hoods scientific wellness startup Arivale raises $36M to improve health through genetics

| GeekWire | Lee Hood's new startup, Arivale, raised $36 million yesterday from Arch Venture Partners and Polaris Partners. The company's total funding is now at $40 million.

Paul Allen Foundation Grants $7m in Alzheimer's Grants

| Bio-IT World News Brief | The Paul G. Allen Family Foundation announced five Allen Distinguished Investigator (ADI) grants to teams of researchers with projects that will open new and innovative avenues of research in Alzheimer’s disease. The projects are funded at a total of $7 million over three years.

IBM Nvidia Energy Department form a supercomputer super team

| CNET | Two supercomputing centers of excellence revolve around making sure applications can take advantage of compute horsepower and gathering feedback from developers, engineers and scientists.

21st Century Cures Act Passes House Now Must Navigate Senate

| Xconomy | The U.S. House of Representatives took a big step this morning toward major changes in the federal government's relationship to biomedical research, funding and regulation.

Biogen R and D Chief Doug Williams Leaves to Run New Cancer Startup

| Xconomy | Biogen's top research and development executive Doug Williams is leaving the company this month to take the helm at a startup that doesn't yet have a name.

Juno Revs Armored CAR For Ovarian Cancer Trial

| Xconomy | Juno Therapeutics has built remarkable momentum and is about to launch the first trial in humans of engineered T cells.

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