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Oxford Nanopore’s Plans for Pre-Packaged Cas9 Test Kits


Bio-IT World | Oxford Nanopore Technologies is seeing more of a demand to focus on a subset of input materials, Clive Brown said this morning in his technical update. In addition to new pores, new chemistries, and updates on various devices, Brown dove into a Cas9 application that the company has been exploring and intimated that Oxford Nanopore will soon begin selling specific test kits for its mobile sequencers.

Oxford Nanopore Announces New Pores, Kits and Updates on Projects

| Bio-IT World | The Chief Technology Officer at Oxford Nanopore gave a technical Oxford Nanopore update this morning, outlining updates on MinION, PromethION, SmidgeION, hardware and chemistries. 

Cloud Pharmaceuticals, Rubicon Genomics, Bioz and more: News from September 2016

| Bio-IT World News Briefs | News, products, and partnerships from around the bio-IT community including news from Cloud Pharmaceuticals, Rubicon Genomics, Bioz, and more.

Despite the Hype Over Gene Therapy Few Drugs Are Close to Approval

| MIT Technology Review | There are hundreds of early clinical trials, but only a handful of late-stage ones have reached completion.

Why Big Pharma Wants To Collect 2 Million Genomes

| Nature News & Comment | For the head of AstraZeneca's genomics initiative, the challenge is not just getting the sequences, but in putting them to use - wisely.

Addressing Common Roadblocks In Drug Development: Keynotes At 2016 Discovery On Target


Bio-IT World | There is tremendous unlocked potential for new therapeutic drugs. Some of the key aspects of drug development were addressed with novel solutions in compelling plenary keynote talks at the 2016 Discovery on Target Conference in Boston last week.

Microsoft Goes All in for FPGAs to Build Out AI Cloud

| TOP500 Supercomputer Sites | Microsoft has revealed that Altera FPGAs have been installed across every Azure cloud server, creating what the company is calling "the world's first AI supercomputer."

Color Genomics Raises $45 Million To Expand Genetic Testing

| Bloomberg | Color Genomics Inc., the three-year-old startup aiming to democratize genetic testing, sealed $45 million in funding as it seeks to make its tests for cancer more affordable and accessible, the company announced Tuesday.

Kite Unveils Anticipated CAR-T Cancer Data Positive But Not Complete

| Xconomy | Kite Pharma has dipped into a highly anticipated clinical trial of its cancer treatment, KTE-C19, to release a partial set of data. Although not complete, the data bolster the view that Kite could be the first among its peers to win the FDA's green light.

The Sequencing App and the Quest for Fun


Bio-IT World | The latest way to get into your genome is a $50 app-based venture that promises to give you a peek into your ancestry and tell you what kinds of bacteria you’re harboring in your mouth. Seeq launched earlier this month offering ultra-low coverage sequencing of the genome, oral microbiome sequencing, and ancestry reports. The goal is an extremely inexpensive infrastructure for people to get a little bit of genomic data and participate in research in a way that’s easy and fun.

Top Scientists Cautious About Curing Cancer With Immunotherapy

| STAT | There's been a lot of excitement about immunotherapy as a tool to treat cancer. But top experts on Sunday struck an unexpected note of caution.

New Genomics Pipeline Combines AWS, Local HPC, and Supercomputing

| HPCwire | Declining DNA sequencing costs and the rush to do whole genome sequencing (WGS) of large cohort populations presents an infrastructure challenge that some researchers are solving with a hybrid approach.

When “Actionable” Genomic Sequencing Results Cannot Be Acted Upon


JAMA Oncology | Brian J. Zikmund-Fisher recounts an interaction he had with a participant involved in genomic sequencing, in which the term “actionable” led to false hope and dashed expectations.

Gilead Allergan Seen Trailing Intercept In Ongoing NASH Battle

| Investor's Business Daily | Gilead is trailing Intercept in the battle against NASH, Credit Suisse analyst Alethia Young said Thursday, two days after Botox maker Allergan jumped in.

Chan Zuckerberg Initiative Lays Out Plan For Funding Disease Research


Bio-IT World | The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative took to Facebook Live yesterday to lay out their plan of funding the Initiative’s first project. The project, a Biohub located in San Francisco, will combine the knowledge of renowned scientists and engineers in the pursuit of curing disease. 

Monsanto Licenses CRISPR Technology To Modify Crops

| STAT | Agriculture giant Monsanto has licensed CRISPR-Cas9 genome-editing technology from the Broad Institute to develop modified seeds.

Getting Exascale Right, Not First

| TOP500 | The path to exascale computing hasn't been an easy one. It has had to face a daunting set of challenges in energy efficiency, application parallelism, and system reliability, just to name a few. The difficulties in bringing the hardware and software up to this level is considerable, but there is a more fundamental challenge at the heart of exascale: doing the necessary work of building an ecosystem that will last for a decade or more, not just for a handful stunt machines.

Taking Care Of Our Own: HR In The Age Of Genomics


Bio-IT World | As far as their employees are concerned, who among these life-science players are putting their money where their mouths are? The search has been on at Bio-IT World for those organizations who are taking the logical step of subsidizing the sequencing their own employees' genomes and the clinical interpretation thereof.

Approving A Muscular Dystrophy Drug Ignites A Civil War At The FDA

| Forbes | Yesterday, the Food and Drug Administration made history, approving a drug to treat Duchenne muscular dystrophy that works by targeting the genetic mutation at the root of the disease. The decision was unique for reasons that were not just scientific.

Childhood Cancer Targeted By Sanger Institute And St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital Data-Sharing Agreement

| Bio-IT World News Brief | St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital's agreement with the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute unifies the institute's COSMIC database with the data mining and visualization system of the hospital to better understand the nature of childhood cancers.

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