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Illumina CTO Joins Board of BaseHealth

By Bio-IT World Staff 

May 15, 2014 | BaseHealth, whose platform Genophen uses patients' unique genetic and clinical profiles to assess their personal health risks, today announced a tightening of its relationship with Illumina, the market leader in genetic sequencing. Illumina CTO Mostafa Ronaghi has joined BaseHealth's Board of Directors, where he will provide advice on integrating genomic data into active health management. The two companies already have a close association: Illumina technology provides the sequencing and genotyping for BaseHealth's customers, and a number of Illumina executives are pilot users of Genophen.

For more information on the Genophen platform, which BaseHealth describes as "a doctor-driven 23andMe," see "BaseHealth Seeks New Model for Offering Patients Genetic Health Information."


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