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Pharma Lit: Elsevier Serves Pharma with Acquisitions of Ariadne, Quosa Bio-IT World | “We have a history of servicing life sciences and drug discovery/drug development in the pharma industry,” says Alexander van Boetzelaer, managing director of corporate markets for the Dutch publishing giant Elsevier. But while that history is based largely on serving up traditional scientific literature, the needs of the pharma industry are changing, and Elsevier has made several acquisitions to meet those needs.

Which Grid Engine? Bio-IT World | In December 2010, Oracle announced that Grid Engine (a very popular life science cluster scheduler and distributed resource manager that Oracle inherited via its purchase of Sun Microsystems) would no longer be freely available as an open-source product. Oracle's decision to make Grid Engine available only to commercially licensed customers left a large community of scientific and high performance computing users questioning the viability of their long term technical planning and HPC roadmaps. 

Supporting the $1000 Genome Forbes | With the $1,000 genomic sequencing barrier looming, the question remains whether we'll be able to make sense of the data to come pouring off sequencers like Life Technologies' new Ion Proton Sequencer.

Picture This: Molecular Maya Puts Life in Life Science Animations

Data Visualization Based on the Autodesk platform, Digizyme plug in proves aesthetic and educational effectiveness. By Kevin Davies January 10, 2012 | In 2010, a reporter sat in a Life

Cheminformatics in the Cloud

January 9, 2012 | Accelrys announced its next-generation informatics suite at its European user group meeting in Athens last year. The suite consists of some updated existing products and some new components, explains Accelrys’ senior director for life science marketing, Rob Brown. Those features include a chemical registration system, a chemical data cartridge, and a cloud-based product called HEOS, in partnership with SCYNEXIS, for externalizing research.  


A QuantuMDx Leap for Handheld DNA Sequencing

Diagnostics From pharmacegenomic testing to handheld sequencing within 5 7 years? By Kevin Davies  January 10, 2012 | MONTREAL—Speaking for the first time in his life as a commercial consultant rather than a public servant, Sir John Burn, a

The Unstable Equilibrium of the Bioinformatics Org Chart

By Aaron Kitzmiller January 10, 2012 | Inside the Box | In most organizations, the human resources of bioinformatics are a regular source of tension. Unless you’re particularly lucky, you can be plagued by politics, illogical decision making, disappointment, and

Products, Deployments, and News in Supercomputing

High Performance Computing The atmosphere at SC11 was big data focused and full of new tools.   By Bio IT World Staff January 10, 2012 | SEATTLE—November’s Supercomputing 11

Notes from the Floor: SC11 Bio-IT World | This week’s Supercomputing 11 (SC11) conference in Seattle was full of news and product announcements across the industry, many of which featured companies active in life sciences. Here’s just a sampling of what caught Bio-IT World’s eye and ear.

PerkinElmer Targets Holistic Data Solutions

A series of acquisitions is expanding and refining the company’s focus, explains CSO Dan Marshak. November 15, 2011 | With its recent acquisitions of CambridgeSoft and Geospiza to name but two, PerkinElmer is signaling a new strategy that highlights data

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