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Whitepapers & Special Reports

Considerations for Modernizing Scientific Compute Research Platforms
This white paper looks at the computing and storage needs in pharmaceutical research, disease research, and precision medicine environments and matches them to technologies modernizing their infrastructures.
Transforming Large Scale Genomics and Collaborative Research
As sequencing data explodes in volume, the ability to transform this data into biomedical insights will require a cost-effective, open standards-based computational infrastructure that is built for extreme scalability. Infrastructure and tools will need to be optimized accordingly to execute, store and process massively large genomic workflows.
Turning Data Into Insight: Cognitive Search & Powerful Analytics for Life Sciences
Finding relevant knowledge in the complex and diverse data of Biopharma companies requires cognitive systems using Natural Language Processing (NLP) capable of “understanding” what unstructured data from texts and videos is about. This whitepaper highlights how Cognitive Search and Analytics are key elements for driving innovation, improving the efficiency of research, clinical trials, and regulatory processes.
HPDA for Personalized Medicine
Translational and precision medicine is pushing data analysis requirements to new levels. This white paper explores the factors driving analytic requirements and the benefits of a multi-disciplinary approach of applying high performance data analytics to the massive amounts of data generated in next-generation sequencing so organizations can speed their time to discovery to help identify the causes of diseases and allow personalized treatments. 

Recent whitepapers include:


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Silicon Mechanics OpenStack for HPC: Meeting Your Varying HPC Requirements with a Flexible Private Cloud
Turning Text into Insight: Text Mining in the Life Sciences
> The insideHPC Guide to Genomics
Qumulo Core  Taneja Group: Data-Aware Storage Category Report 
Privacy Analytics How to Safeguard for PHI
ProQinase ProQinase: Syngeneic mouse models as a tool to study immune modulatory effects of cancer therapeutics
denodo Data Virtualization: Agile Data Solutions for Life Sciences
IBM IBM and Accelrys Deliver Turnkey NGS Solution
IDBS Making the lab of the future today’s reality
Reverse Informatics The Fourth Paradigm of Science
Internet2 Accelerating the Pace of Discovery In the Age of Data Intensive Science
Content Analyst Company Using Cloud-Based Discovery Support
Exostar If You’re Moving to the Cloud, Who Are You Bringing with You?
Privacy Analytics De-Identification 101
Exostar If You’re Moving to the Cloud, Who Are You Bringing with You?
Akamai Cloud Computing that's Ready for Life Sciences
Terascala logo An Infrastructure to Meet Today's Life Sciences Research Requirements
Annai logo Enabling Data Transfer Management and Sharing In the Era of Genomic Medicine
Perceptive Informatics logo From Convergence Vision to Reality
BioTeam Logo SLIPSTREAM APPLIANCE: NGS EDITION - MIT's Ed DeLong Sifts Microbial Treasure Troves Using SlipStream
Persistent logo Bridging the gap between compliance and innovation
Novella Clinical logo Global Oncology Trials: Planning For Success
OpenText logo Comply or Perish: Maintaining 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance
Remedy logo Enterprise Informatics: Key to Precision Medicine, Scientific Breakthroughs, and Competitive Advantage
OpGen logo OpGen's Whole Genome Mapping Tackling Sequencing's Unfinished Business  
EMC logo LIFE SCIENCES AT RENCI - Big Data IT to manage, decipher, and inform

EMC logo

Hadoop's Rise in Life Sciences
 EMC logo Challenges in Next-Generation Sequencing
 Convey logo
Heterogeneous Computing in the Cloud: Democratizing Compute Resources for Life Sciences 
 IBM logo Reap the Benefits of the Evolving HPC Cloud 
 Raid logo High Performance and High Throughput Scalable Cluster Solutions for Next Generation Sequencing 
 Novella Clinical logo Optimizing Early Phase Oncology Clinical Trials
 Remedy logo  Translational Research 2.0 by Chris Asakiewicz PhD
 SGI company logo Turning Genomics Data into Practical Insight 

 Perceptive Informatics logo Unlocking the Value of Observational Research 
 Quantum logo BIG DATA: Managing Explosive Growth The Importance of Tiered Storage  
 Quantum logo The Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics Reduces Cost of Multi-Petabyte Storage by 50% with Quantum StorNext Software
   Cutting Costs, Saving Time: Improving Life Sciences Operations with Digital Signatures

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