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 Bio-IT Current Issue Bio-IT World, the flagship publication of Cambridge Healthtech Institute (CHI), is the leading source of news on technology and strategic innovation in drug discovery, development, and clinical trials. Bio-IT World explores the tools and results of predictive biology as the industry adapts to the new world of personalized medicine. Every issue explores the powerful new disciplines of systems and integrative biology and provides premium information and insight on the effective use of technology products and services used by scientists around the world to enable research and development in biopharma, biotechnology, and academic research organizations -- from computational drug discovery and genomic analysis to predictive toxicogenomics and adaptive clinical trials.

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1. Do you buy, recommend, or specify products, systems, or services used by your organization in life science applications? ( Check only one) 

2A. Which category best describes your JOB FUNCTION? (Select ALL that apply)
01 Scientific/R&D Management
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03 Information Technology/Information System Management
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Informatics Tools/Software
01 Bioinformatics
02 Cheminformatics
03   Data Analysis Tools
04 Discovery Informatics
05 Pathway Analysis/Modeling
06 Applications Development/Security Software
07 Enterprise Software (ERP, SCM, CRM)
08 High Performance Computing
09 Mobile Communications, PDAs, Handhelds
10 Networking Infrastructure
11 Servers, Storage, PCs, Clusters
Lab Equipment & Instrumentation
13 DNA Sequencers
14 Genomic Instrumentation
15 Imaging
16 Lab Automation/Robotics
Lab Equipment & Instrumentation cont'd
18 Preclinical/Animal Models
19 Mass Spectrometry
20 Microarray Platforms/Software
21 High-Throughput Screening
Collaboration, Compliance & Document Management
22 Data Management Platforms
23 EDC/Data management systems
24 eLab Notebooks
25 Electronic Clinical Trial Software, Technologies
26 Document/Knowledge Management/Collaboration
27 Patient Diaries
28 Regulatory Compliance
Professional Services
29 Business/Financial Services
30 Legal Services (IP, Patent, etc.)
31 Systems Integration Services
32 Contract Lab Services (CROs)
99 None of the Above

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01 BioPharm International
02 CIO, ComputerWorld or InfoWorld
03 Contract Pharma
04 Drug Discovery & Development
05 eWeek or InformationWeek
06 Genetic Engineering News
07 Genome Technology
09 Nature
10 Nature Biotechnology
11 PharmaGenomics
12 Science
13 Scientific Computing & Instrumentation
14 Applied Clinical Trials
98 Other (please specify)  

7. Which Categories best describe your Field/Discipline? (select ALL that apply)

01 Basic Research
02 Clinical Research
03 Computational Biology
04 Discovery Informatics
05 Drug Development
06 Drug Discovery
07 IT Infrastructure
09 Translational Medicine
98 Other (please specify)  

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