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July-August New Products

Free Software

DNA2.0 has released Gene Designer 2.0, a free software tool for designing DNA sequences. Version 2.0 delivers a sophisticated graphic interface and drag-and-drop functionality for creating genes, whether making alterations to naturally occurring sequences or designing novel ones. Gene Designer 2.0 is built to design novel sequences—rather than analyze existing sequences—making it an ideal software tool for synthetic biology.
Company: DNA2.0
Product: Gene Designer 2.0
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Smart Menus

Almac has launched its IXRS 2.0 integrated, interactive voice (IVR) and web response (IWR) technology. IXRS 2.0 features smart menus and intuitive task management in order to achieve new levels of productivity at clinical trial sites and sponsor organizations worldwide. Smart menus present users with valid options only and guides them to correct choices, directing their workflow in a logical and intuitive manner.  Site and sponsor personnel can easily manage subject data, visit schedules, kit assignments, drug supply strategies, expiration dates, drug holds, recalls, shipment releases, temperature excursions, re-labeling of supplies, and more.
Company: Almac
Product: IXRS 2.0
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Protein Expression

The Invitrogen MembranePro Functional Protein Expression (FPE) Kit from Life Technologies Corporation is an easy-to-use method for obtaining functional membrane proteins from mammalian cells. Researchers can use the kit to clone and transfect GPCR or other membrane protein genes into 293FT cells, collect the culture media after 48 hours, and precipitate the secreted membrane particles overnight. Multiple receptor-ligand binding assays indicate that the particles derived using this simple process behave essentially the same as conventional membrane preparations while providing the advantage of higher receptor density.
Company: Life Technologies
Product: MembranePro Functional Protein Expression Kit
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Next Gen Sample Prep

NuGEN has announced the introduction of its Encore NGS Library/Multiplex Systems and the Ovation 3’-DGE System. These products offer researchers sample preparation reagents that enable a broad range of next-generation sequencing applications through fast, simple and scalable workflows. The Encore NGS Library and Multiplex Systems offer library construction in as little as three hours, with only two purification steps and no gel purification requirements. Additionally, the Encore NGS Multiplex System gives researchers optional, unambiguous indexing capability for multiplex sequencing of up to eight samples in each lane.
Company: NuGen
Products: Encore NGS Library/Multiplex Systems; the Ovation 3’-DGE System
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Updated Storage

Sans Digital has added two new models to its line of 6G rackmount SAS Expansion JBOD storage system: ES208X6+B (2U 8-bay) and ES316X6+B (3U 16-bay). Both 6G SAS and SATA hard drives are supported with a maximum bandwidth of 24Gbps when a 6Gbp controller is used simultaneously. 3Gbps performance on the SAS Expander is currently limited to 1200MB/s in bandwidth and generates about 700MB/s in RAID 6 environment. The introduction of 6Gbps RAID controller card such as LSI 9280 series doubled the bandwidth (2400MB/s) and tripled the performance to 1700MB/s in read (1500MB/s in write).
Company: Sans Digital
Products: ES208X6+B and ES316X6+B
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Extendible LIMS

Sapio Sciences has released Exemplar LIMS version 4.0. Key additions to Exemplar include fully extendible data model with support for complex relationships such as many to many relations all with zero programming; improvements in the built in querying and reporting tools; improvements in performance and scalability so a single server instance can now support several hundred concurrent users; and enhancements to freezer management with support for configurable freezers and easy viewing of samples in shelves/racks/boxes.
Company: Sapio Sciences
Product: Exemplar LIMS v4.0
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