September-October Contents

Special Report: The Road to the $1,000 Genome


The Broad Way of Next-Generation Sequencing
with Bioinformatics in Full Bloom 

Hugh Rienhoff’s Voyage Round His Daughter’s DNA

Re-Defining Storage for the Next Generation

BGI Americas Offers Sequencing the Chinese Way

Sequencing the Human Secret

The $1,000,000 Genome Interpretation

The Solexa Story
with Jay Talking Personal Genomics 

Next-Gen Sequencing Software: The Present and the Future

Who’s on Third? 

Kevin Ulmer—The Sisyphus of Sequencing

How Next-Generation Sequencing Could Save the Tasmanian Devil

Next-Generation Genetics and Biopharma

Will Big Pharma Buy the $1,000 Genome?

How Can We Interpret NGS Data?

Share the (Proteomics) Data

Reducing Clinical IT Burdens

Up Front

Next-Gen Social Media
Nothing Ventured A new social media venue for sequencing users provides programming, reviews, and community.

Don’t Hoard Your Next-Gen Data
Inside the Box As sequencing matures, to keep or not to keep becomes the question.

Genome Studies for Drug Safety
The Bush Doctrine Researchers at the Hamner Institute are using genomics to tackle drug induced liver injury.

Trends in Next-Gen Sequencing Adoption
Insights | Outlook A new Insight Pharma Report looks at trends in sequencing adoption and applications.

Fostering Creativity in the Biotech Sector
France is cultivating innovation in research.

Grand Vision for Genomic Medicine
First Base The birth of The $1,000 Genome. BY KEVIN DAVIES 

Next-Gen Challenges and Opportunities
The Russell Transcript How will next-gen data be stored and protected in the future? BY JOHN RUSSELL 

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