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January-February New Products

Faster CNV interrogation
The nCounter Copy Number Variation CodeSets enable researchers to interrogate up to 800 regions of the human genome in a single multiplexed reaction with the least hands-on time of any CNV platform. Built on the same innovative digital technology underlying NanoString’s gene expression and miRNA assays, nCounter CodeSets enable researchers to perform the functional equivalent of 9,600 qPCR reactions (800 regions across 12 samples) with only 25 minutes of hands-on time. The system utilizes a digital quantification technology that offers superior reproducibility and generates highly accurate data with a linear response to increasing copy numbers.
Product: nCounter Copy Number Variation CodeSets
Company: NanoString
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Exome Analysis in the Cloud
The DNAnexus Exome Analysis simplifies a critical step in the processing and investigation of exome datasets and allows users to quickly determine whether regions of interest have been sequenced with sufficient coverage.  Results are reported as the number and fraction of bases covered by sequence reads, along with average coverage within an exon.  Users can then perform further analyses using the Nucleotide-Level Variation or the Cancer Variation analyses, which compare, for example, a cancer tissue sample and a normal sample. With support for user-uploaded targets and exome kits from Agilent and NimbleGen, this application is accessible via the cloud-based DNAnexus platform.
Product: Exome Analysis
Company: DNAnexus
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Accelerated Computing
The SGI Prism XL for accelerator-based high performance computing (HPC) enables customers to scale to tens of peta-flops or large teraflop range. SGI STIX architecture, the basic building block for SGI Prism XL, moves beyond the blade to a ‘stick’ form factor while accelerating the pace of computing toward the exascale range. SGI Prism XL boasts extreme density. Whereas x86 processors may require up to a hundred cabinets to deliver a petaflop of computing performance, SGI Prism XL delivers similar performance and scale in a single cabinet, and a 20 petaflop double precision deployment can be achieved in as few as 100 cabinets. This represents a 100-to-1 reduction in facility floor space and up to a 30 percent reduction in overall total cost of ownership.
Product: Prism XL with STIX architecture
Company: SGI
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Updated CTMS Tools
Reveal version 3.1 expands the recruitment, financial, and reporting capabilities of StudyManager’s clinical trial management software (CTMS) for sites and hospitals. The new release’s enhanced productivity and business management tools allow research organizations—from independent sites to universities and hospitals—to centralize study information, organize research activities, and improve recruitment and financial performance.
Product: Reveal 3.1
Company: StudyManager
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The Bio-IT World Conference & Expo Best of Show Awards program offers conference exhibitors the opportunity to distinguish their products from the competition. Judged by a team of Bio•IT World editors and leading industry experts, the awards program spotlights new products that demonstrate exceptional technology innovation across the life sciences research, discovery, and clinical trials process. Finalists are chosen among entries submitted from leading bio-IT vendors exhibiting at the conference and expo, based on the products’ technical merit, functionality and innovation. For more information, please contact Demetrios Louloudes at








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