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November-December New Products

November 15, 2011

Illumina’s Benchtop Sequencer

Illumina’s much anticipated benchtop next-generation sequencing (NGS) instrument, the MiSeq, is shipping now and is available with a series of enhancements including streamlined sample processing and a new Cloud platform called BaseSpace that supports the platform. (see, “Illumina Launches BaseSpace Cloud Platform for MiSeq”) The goal of the new BaseSpace Cloud platform is to provide a seamless pathway to get genomics data to the Cloud, expand on the space, and provide different types of analysis tools. The Cloud platform is deployed using Amazon EC2. “The addition of BaseSpace eliminates the need for expensive IT infrastructure, simplifying the process of adopting a personal sequencer for labs of any size and experience,” commented Illumina CEO Jay Flatley. The MiSeq runtime is 27 hours for a 2x150-basepair run, for a total throughput of 1.7 Gigabases. The instrument retails for $125,000.
Product: MiSeq
Company: Illumina
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Updated Data Integration

IO Informatics has released Knowledge Explorer, version 3.6, a tool that makes it possible for informaticians, data analysts and integration experts to integrate data with truly unmatched ease and efficiency. Enhancements and improvements make it easier for researchers to discover models, signatures and profiles by uncovering actionable meaning from their data and by contextualizing complex relationships for concise visual comprehension.
Product: Knowledge Explorer v3.6
Company: IO Informatics
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Speedy Bioinformatics

TimeLogic has announced the release of the next generation in Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) based DeCypher systems for biocomputing. The upcoming system, codenamed J1, will be released early next year with the equivalent performance of several thousand 3 Ghz processor cores in a single 1U server. Performance gains with the new system are expected to be tremendous. For example, Tera-BLAST, TimeLogic’s implementation of the popular BLAST algorithm, will run hundreds of times faster than the current generation of SeqCruncher bioinformatics accelerators and will allow a single 1U server, with accelerated BLAST, to replace a full rack of multi-core servers.
Product: FPGA system codenamed J1
Company: Active Motif
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Data Collection on the Web

Oracle has announced the release of OutcomeLogix On Demand 3.0, a Web-based, scalable data collection system that enables life science companies and contract research organizations (CROs) to capture therapy outcome information from health care providers and patients in late-stage studies. The new version incorporates several features to help meet increasing requirements to improve product safety and demonstrate long-term treatment efficacy: increased scalability, improved user interface, updated prompting tools, enhanced configurability, and expanded multi-lingual support.
Product: OutcomeLogix On Demand 3.0
Company: Oracle
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Image Analysis for Biomarker Discovery

Definiens has released the company’s new Quantitative Digital Pathology portfolio, designed to advance translational research in pathology, specifically in biomarker development. The new portfolio will offer updated versions of Definiens Tissue Studio, Definiens Developer XD as well as the introduction of a novel component, Definiens Image Miner, which closely integrates data mining with image analysis to accelerate biomarker research.
Product: Quantitative Digital Pathology portfolio
Company: Definiens
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