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February New Products

February 27, 2012   

$1,000/1 day Genome Sequencing  

IonProton_productsLife Technologies has released the Ion Proton Sequencer, a desktop sequencer priced at $149,000, based on the next generation of semiconductor sequencing technology. The sequencer is designed to sequence the entire human genome in a day for $1,000. The Ion Proton Sequencer is ideal for sequencing both exomes — regions in the DNA that code for protein — and human genomes, and along with the Ion Reporter analysis software, is designed to analyze a single genome in one day on a stand-alone server. Ion Torrent has also sponsored a collaborative effort with Carnegie Mellon University to develop open-source software that will help clinicians interpret and understand genetic data for meaningful application. Baylor College of Medicine, Yale School of Medicine, and The Broad Institute, have reportedly signed up for multiple Ion Proton Sequencers and will be the first customers to adopt this transformative technology. 

Product: Ion Proton Sequencer 
: Life Technologies 

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NGS Analysis Software   

SeqSolve_productsIntegromics has announced the release of SeqSolve 2.1, its analytical software package which makes the analysis of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) data simpler. SeqSolve 2.1 provides scientists with a scalable server mode, which allows for the remote processing of multiple analyses by several users. Integromics has developed this latest version to meet the demands of pharmas, agris and core facilities. The software combines NGS methods, such as an upgraded Cufflinks RNA-seq algorithm, dynamic charts and interactive graphics from TIBCO Spotfire and user-friendly Click and Go automatic workflows. All of these features are found on a flexible server architecture, which scales up the analyses.  

Product: SeqSolve 2.1  

Company: Integromics  

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Randomization and Clinical Supplies Management   

DATATRAK_productsDATATRAK International has announced a completely new product design for their randomization and clinical supplies management product, uIRT. As a unified product within the DATATRAK ONE suite, the new release of uIRT positions DATATRAK as the most advanced unified Randomization and Clinical Supplies Management system in the marketplace today. With this new release, users will experience increased performance when generating randomization schedules, importing strata and populating or importing inventory schedules; robust manager functionality allowing users to view, filter, update and export information on drug containers, drug assignments, shipments and randomization schedules; standard reports and system-wide exports available 24/7 in real-time to effectively manage time-sensitive randomization and inventory needs.  

Product: uIRT       

Company: DATATRAK  

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New Venture for Personalized Medicine  

MolecularHealth has announced the commercialization and planned roll-out of two next generation product lines that translate patient-specific molecular and genomic data, clinical history and published scientific evidence into safer, more effective drug choices for patients. The company announced the planned commercial launch of two product lines in drug safety and molecularly-guided treatment decision support. The company’s molecularly-guided treatment decision support solutions, which will initially be available for use in oncology, integrate molecular data—including whole genome sequences—with clinical information about a patient, translating these data into evidence-based treatment strategies for marketed and clinical stage therapies.  

Product: product lines to translate patient-specific data into drug information  

Company: MolecularHealth  

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Patient Enrollment Modeling   

DecisionView has announced the release of StudyOptimizer 4.4, the latest version of the company's flagship solution for patient enrollment planning, tracking, and forecasting. With new customer-driven features focused on cost modeling and visibility, the latest innovations in StudyOptimizer enable pharmaceutical companies to easily optimize the time and cost tradeoffs for their clinical trial enrollment plans. In addition, when studies go off track, these new features make it easy to model and estimate the cost of various rescue scenarios.  

Product: StudyOptimizer 4.4  

Company: DecisionView  

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