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DNAnexus, AllSeq Share HiSeq X Ten Data

By Bio-IT World Staff

July 31, 2014 | The cloud-based bioinformatics company DNAnexus, and AllSeq, the lab matchmaker for gene sequencing projects, have teamed up to share HiSeq X Ten sequencing data freely provided by the Garvan Institute of Sydney, Australia. The HiSeq X Ten was released by Illumina earlier this year, with the announcement that it would provide the long-sought-after "$1000 genome." (See "What You Need to Know About Illumina's New Sequencers.") The Garvan Institute was one of the first three customers to acquire a HiSeq X Ten system, and is making two whole genomes sequenced on the platform publicly available for the first time, for analysis by the wider community.

Both datasets come from the well-characterized cell line NA12878, maintained by the Coriell Institute. This cell line is most famous as the basis of the Genome in a Bottle Consortium's first genotyping reference, and multiple sequences have been published and scrutinized, making it a useful basis for comparison. (See "Genome in a Bottle Benchmark Published.") AllSeq states that "each data set substantially surpasses the minimum coverage and quality guaranteed by Illumina and is indicative of the potential for the Illumina HiSeq X Ten sequencing system."

The raw data, several preliminary analyses provided by DNAnexus, and a genome browser view of the assembled genomes can all be found on AllSeq's website, where the data will be available for download until the end of September.


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