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Pistoia Alliance Forms Expert Group on Controlled Substance Legislation

August 11, 2014 | The Pistoia Alliance, an industry group that addresses non-competitive problems shared by stakeholders in drug development, today announced the launch of a CSCS (Controlled Substances Compliance Services) Expert Community, to streamline how pharma companies and their partners track the laws governing the use and distribution of chemical substances worldwide. The CSCS project has been active since November 2012, with the initial goal of contributing to commercial services that would allow users to quickly search for legislation around particular compounds in any country or region. Over the past year, two such services have been launched, provided by Alliance members ChemAxon and Scitegrity. The CSCS Expert Community will help to further develop these services, as well as track up-to-date information on new controlled substance legislation. The Community's activities can be followed at

Previous Pistoia Alliance projects have included HELM, an interchangeable notation system for complex biomolecules, which received a Best Practices Award at this year's Bio-IT World Conference & Expo. For more information, see "Universal Language: The Pistoia Alliance Takes on Indescribable Biology."

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