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Best Practices 2005 Winners

Aug 15, 2005 | A complete list of the six 2005 Grand winners and the Editors’ Choice awards.

Clinical Research and Trials
An innovative drug safety monitoring system, developed in partnership with Lincoln Technologies, that flags and documents potential adverse events around the world, advancing modern pharmacovigilance practice.
Winner -- GlaxoSmithKline

Knowledge Management and Collaboration
An exciting example of data analysis in confocal microscopy that, in conjunction with Silicon Graphics, has resulted in novel visualization, analysis, and collaboration capabilities for cancer researchers.
Winner -- National Cancer Institute

Infrastructure: IT Hardware and Systems Software
A groundbreaking integrated genomics gateway called GIGPAD, with architectural services courtesy of Hewlett-Packard, that draws together a wide array of research and clinical data, demonstrating the application of IT towards personalized medicine.
Winner -- Harvard Partners Center for Genetics and Genomics

Discovery and Basic Research
An industrial-style SNP genotyping pipeline, showcasing Affymetrix hardware and Silicon Genetics software, which is transforming the localization and identification of dozens of disease genes such as a form of sudden infant death syndrome.
Winner -- Translational Genomics Research Institute

Business Strategy
Fostering a regulatory climate to stimulate the creation of world-class biopharma companies and research institutes and launch the first public stem cell bank to afford global access to ethically approved, quality-controlled stem cell lines.
Winner -- UK Trade & Investment

Computational Biology and Informatics
Implementation of in silico simulation software from Pharsight Corporation to help decide the fate of a new cardiovascular drug, resulting in large financial savings and the makings of a new paradigm in drug development.
Winner -- Pfizer Global R&D

Editors’ Choice Awards
The J. Craig Venter Institute
J-LIMS -- an exemplary LIMS technology deployed in the institute’s Joint Technology Center that is safeguarding and optimizing high-throughput genome sequence data generation.

The Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT
GenePattern -- a prime example of open-source software that is accelerating the pace of genomic analysis and received accolades from hundreds of users in academia and biopharma.

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