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2006 Best of Show Winning Products

May 12, 2006

Protecting What Matters
Revivio’s Continuous Protection System (CPS) is a continuous data protection solution that allows companies to eliminate their backup windows, restore data instantly, exactly as it existed at any point or event in time, and recover business applications in minutes. The company’s Application Integration Suite software fully automates all aspects of recovery, from restoring e-mails and files to testing complex remote disaster recovery capabilities. It also assures compliance with disaster recovery plans, creating a seamless and transparent portal between primary and secondary storage. Application-specific knowledge modules enable automated data protection for an array of applications, including PACS, McKesson Horizon, and Lawson Financial systems, as well as Oracle, Sybase, and MS-SQL databases.
Vendor: Revivio
Product: Continuous Protection System
Availability: Now
For more information: (781) 301-0200;

Phasing Forward with CTSD
Phase Forward’s Clinical Trials Signal Detection (CTSD) system, combines tools for early detection and characterization of potential safety problems with a standards-based repository for clinical trials data. Built upon Lincoln Technologies’ WebSDM electronic data submission platform, which was developed in conjunction with the FDA, CTSD integrates data from clinical trials into a CDISC SDTM-compliant data repository and then performs automated screening on it for potential safety issues. Other capabilities include the ability to identify adverse events related to study drugs, evaluate ECG data to detect possible QT prolongation, pool data across studies, and manage and track signals.
Vendor: Phase Forward
Product: Clinical Trials Signal Detection system
Availability: Now
For more information:

Finding the Functionality with MedScan
Ariadne’s advanced information extraction technology, MedScan, can initiate and facilitate the growth of biomedical Semantic Web content. MedScan utilizes a high-content linguistics approach to extract functional relationships between proteins, cell processes, and small molecules. It recognizes types of regulatory mechanisms involved and the effects of regulation and can be customized to extract other types of information. Other key features include handcrafted dictionaries of protein and chemical names; a Natural Language Processing engine, specifically targeted to the language of biomedical publications; fast algorithms, allowing for fine-tuning of queries and receiving results on-the-fly; and customizable and extendable rules for information extraction.
Vendor: Ariadne Genomics
Product: MedScan
Availability: Now
For more information: (866) 340-5040;

Discovering Knowledge with Nervana’s Discovery Solution
The Nervana Discovery Solution provides knowledge workers with the ability to ask questions “naturally” within the context of the meaning — in ways they never could before — crossing multiple domains and information repositories. The Nervana engine correlates all the possible combinations of meaning for the request and returns the most relevant, timely results from the system. Knowledge workers are immediately empowered with insight and information from unexpected connections they’ve never experienced before with existing search technologies. The Nervana Discovery Solution 3.0 offers a more personalized experience, allowing users to express their intended meaning, choose types of information, browse results by personal relevance and timeliness, as well as collaborate on knowledge discovery with others.
Vendor: Nervana
Product: Nervana Discovery Solution
Availability: Now
For more information: (866) 637-8262 (NERVANA);

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