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Best of Show: Notebooks & LIMS

June 13, 2007

A Science-Driven Informatics Platform
WinnerRescentris’ Collaborative Electronic Research Framework (CERF) is a secure, 21CFR11-compliant enterprise scientific information system designed specifically for managing and sharing information in life sciences research organizations. CERF combines a full-featured electronic lab notebook with scientific content management, an extensible knowledge and data integration framework, and a science-driven informatics platform. Its intuitive cross-platform desktop interface allows scientists to organize and unify access to personal and shared content (e.g., documents, spreadsheets, scientific data, reports), applications, and databases. The CERF server provides central management of data storage, system functions (i.e., security, business policies, administration, workflow), organization of projects and experiments, content, annotations, and rich metadata, as well as record keeping functions such digital signatures.
Product: CERF v 2.6
Company: Rescentris
Available: Now
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Complete Validation in a Compliant Environment
Empower 2 Method Validation Manager (MVM) is a new software option available with Empower 2 Enterprise and Workgroup configurations.  This product allows scientists to adhere to company corporate validation requirements while completely performing and managing the entire validation workflow from experimental planning, data acquisition and processing, through final report generation, all within the compliant environment of the Empower 2 Chromatography Data Software (CDS).
Product: Empower 2 Method Validation Manager
Company: Waters Corp.
Available: Now
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Designing the Chemist’s Notebook
Symyx Discovery Notebook v4.0 includes electronic lab notebook (ELN) products tailored to meet the specific needs and protocols of chemists in the discovery, process, analytical, formulation, and bioprocess areas. A fully developed, client-side Software Developers’ Kit (SDK) allows Symyx and its customers to define the information that flows between ELN and applications such as registration and reagent inventory.
Product: Discovery Notebook v4.0
Company: Symyx
Available: Now
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Informatics for the Life Sciences Lab
GenoLogics has developed the OMIX Lab Informatics Platform, specifically purposed for life sciences lab management, instrument automation, and research data integration requirements. OMIX is a cutting edge LIMS platform created as the integrating solution for multiple labs, data types, and sciences, including research labs, core facilities, and genomics, proteomics, and other science domains. To further extend the OMIX Lab Informatics Platform to enable scientific lab and data management, GenoLogics has developed deeply purposed scientific data management modules that extend OMIX LIMS functionality into a number of sciences areas. Geneus and Proteus are highly purposed modules for managing genotyping, gene expression, proteomics, and metabolomics data.
Product: OMIX LIMS
Company: GenoLogics
Available: Now
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Biobanking LIMS
LabVantage’s Sapphire is a thin-client LIMS tailored to manage an organization’s lab information across its R&D pipeline and manufacturing supply chain. The Sapphire BioBanking Solution addresses the needs for data capture, location management, handling assurance, and operational efficiency required to manage a biorepository at any organization. Sapphire enables centralized specimen tracking to comply with GLPs & GCPs, satisfy patient consent requirements, enhance scientific accuracy, and improve development efficiency. (See Bio•IT World, May 2007.)
Product: Sapphire LIMS BioBanking Solution
Company: LabVantage
Available: Now
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