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Sept. 18, 2006

Advanced Chemistry Development (ACD/Labs) is collaborating with GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) on the creation of a specially adapted algorithm for predicting solubility in aqueous DMSO solution as well as related enhancements to ACD/Labs’ pKa and aqueous solubility prediction algorithms. GSK’s recent purchase of ACD/Solubility DB, following their previous purchase of ACD/Labs’ logD, logP, and pKa predictors, now provides the full range of ACD/Labs’ physicochemical predictors to GSK scientists worldwide.

The United Kingdom launched what is being called the world’s biggest medical experiment when it approved taking DNA samples from half a million citizens for the study of genetically based diseases. The UK Biobank project, to begin locally and expand nationwide by the end of the year, will be a four-year effort to take blood and urine samples from volunteers ages 40 to 69 so that scientists can determine genetic bases for common diseases.

INC Research, a contract research organization, announced a partnership with SAS, which will host INC customer data in a repository in its SAS Drug Discovery module and its Enterprise Intelligence platform. INC is betting that a small biotech or pharma, hoping to sell itself, will take comfort from having its data in a commonly used industry format that a potential acquirer could inspect with confidence. INC will continue to provide its customary suite of services concentrated in three therapeutic areas: diseases of the central nervous system, cancer, and pediatrics.

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