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June 14, 2005

Unbeatable Spot Detection

Syngene has introduced ProteomeScan, a high-resolution image scanner that is capable of generating high-quality 2-D gel images in seconds. The ProteomeScan is controlled by icon-driven software and allows users to dictate the kind of image they want by selecting scanning resolution, compression, and scan speed. Users are able to switch between transmittance and reflectance modes, and the device has variable color scanning, which makes it easy to scan a variety of different gel stains, such as silver, Coomassie Blue, and SYPRO Ruby. The system can generate images of up to 12,800-by-12,800-dpi maximum output resolution, ensuring that even the smallest protein spots are detected.
Vendor: Syngene
Product: ProteomeScan
Availability: Now
For more information: (800) 686-4407;

The Power of Xmatrx

BioGenex has launched Xmatrx, a walk-away system for cell and tissue staining applications for drug discovery and development. The system is designed to automate all assay steps required to perform fluorescence in situ hybridization, in situ hybridization, and immunohistochemistry, including the application of cover slip, resulting in a completely finished slide that is ready to go directly on a microscope for review. The specifications and features of Xmatrx are tailored for the development of novel automated slide-based assays designed to perform DNA microarray hybridizations, in vitro and in situ PCR, DNA sequencing, and the detection of SNPs and microdeletions.
Vendor: BioGenex
Product: Xmatrx
Availability: Now
For more information: (800) 421-4149;

Little Dipper

SciGene’s Little Dipper Microarray Processing System provides a straightforward and affordable strategy for laboratories to standardize microarray hybridization, washing, and drying that aims to reduce bath-to-bath and operator-to-operator variability in microarray results. It consists of a programmable rotary robotic arm that moves racks of arrays through five temperature-controlled baths and into an integral centrifuge for drying. It integrates with SciGene’s Hybex Microarray Incubation System to form a high-throughput array hybridization and processing platform.
Vendor: SciGene
Product: Little Dipper Microarray Processing System
Availability: Now
For more information: (800) 342-2119;

Rapid Nucleic Acid Detection

The Vidiera NsD Nucleic Sample Detection Platform for fully automated detection of nucleic acids, post-amplification, separates DNA molecules by capillary electrophoresis and includes software delivering a high degree of productivity and flexibility. It has the capacity to run two 96-well plates and provides researchers the flexibility to rapidly change onboard supplies, such as separation gels and capillary arrays, reducing setup time. It also has accessories to assist with developing assays for hematology, oncology, cardiovascular health, and inherited disorders.
Vendor: Beckman Coulter
Product: Vidiera NsD Nucleic Sample Detection Platform
For more information: (800) 742-2345;

Mass Spectrometer for Protein Biomarkers

Applied Biosystems, together with MDS Sciex, introduces the 4800 MALDI TOF/TOF Analyzer, a mass spectrometer for identifying and quantifying protein biomarkers. The instrument achieves a 10-fold increase in sensitivity over existing commercially available systems and offers excellent experimental efficiency using automated workflows. It combines TOF/TOF optics technology with the OptiBeam on-axis laser, which increases the number of ions directed into the ion path to achieve the dramatic increase in sensitivity. The joint venture with MDS Sciex expands Applied Biosystems’ overall proteomics mass spectrometry portfolio.
Vendor: Applied Biosystems
Product: 4800 MALDI TOF/TOF Analyzer
Availability: Now
For more information: (800) 327-3002;

Benchtop Solution for Clinical Proteomics

Bruker Daltonics has introduced ClinProt Micro, a benchtop solution for clinical proteomics and peptide-protein biomarker discovery and validation. The ClinProt Micro is based on a high-performance benchtop MALDI-TOF mass spectrometer from Bruker Daltonics’ FLEX series, providing excellent biomarker detection sensitivity and resolution as well as the reliability and reproducibility needed for vigorous validation studies of putative biomarkers for cancer and other diseases. The ClinProt system also provides an integrated sample preparation tool for biofluids and tissue extracts as well as comprehensive analysis, visualization, and model-building software.
Vendor: Bruker Daltonics
Product:  ClinProt Micro
Availability: Now
For more information: (978) 663-3660;

Microarray Hybridization System Full of Options

BioMicro Systems has launched the MAUI 12-Bay Hybridization System to meet the demands of high-throughput microarray labs. The MAUI 12-Bay System has the capacity to simultaneously process 12 microarray slides using its unique MAUI Mixer hybridization chambers to achieve 3- to 10-fold increases in sensitivity with ultra-low samples volumes of 10 to 46 microliters. Through active mixing of ultra-low hybridization reagents at a constant incubation temperature, use of the MAUI Hybridization System results in consistently reproducible results.
Vendor: BioMicro Systems
Product: MAUI 12-Bay Hybridization System
Availability: Now
For more information: (801) 303-1470;

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