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June 14, 2005

Orion Delivers Personal Supercomputer
The DS-96, a deskside workstation cluster with 96 processors, is now shipping. This tightly integrated system bundles all elements of a Linux cluster (e.g., CPUs, nodal interconnection switch, storage, etc.) into an enclosure that looks like a server tower. The DS-96 offers a peak processing performance of 230 gigaFLOPS (230 billion floating-point operations per second) and a sustain performance of 110 gigaFLOPS. The system rounds out Orion’s line of personal supercomputers for scientific computing, complementing its existing 12-node DT-12 system. Both systems are Linux clusters that come with a pre-installed operating system and clustering software. The systems plug into regular electrical outlets and do not require any special cooling considerations.
Vendor: Orion Multisystems
Product: Orion DS-96
Availability: Now
For more information: (800) 344-1367;

Cray Taps Dual-Core CPUs for Server Lines

Cray announces versions of its Cray XD1 and XT3 systems with the dual-core Opteron processors and expects significant performance boosts from these systems. The dual-core version of a single Cray XD1 cabinet, which can accommodate up to 288 processors, will offer more than 1.2 teraFLOPS (1.2 trillion floating-point operations per second) as opposed to 744 gigaFLOPS delivered by an equivalent single-core processor system. Similarly, the Cray XT3, which can support more than 60,000 processors, would deliver an estimated 269 teraFLOPS of processing power versus about 160 teraFLOPS for an equivalent single-core system. (The dual-core Cray XD1 will be available in July; the dual-core Cray XT3 will be available later this year.)
Vendor: Cray
Cray XD1 and Cray XT3 with Dual-Core Opteron
July; Late 2005
For more information:
(877) 272-9462;

Microway Doubles Up on Navion Server Line

Microway announces the Navion-DC Series, 4- and 2-processor SMP servers, based on AMD’s dual-core Opteron processors. The Navion-DC-4, a 4U unit, supports four dual-core Opteron processors and up to 64 gigabytes of memory. The Navion-DC-2 is a 1U server with two dual-core Opteron processors. The Navion-DC-4 is aimed at compute-intensive applications such as high-performance database and enterprise applications. The Navion-DC-2 is designed for high-performance computing applications. Both systems use Microway’s “Across-the-Board” enhanced cooling technology. Pricing of the four dual-processor systems starts at less than $30,000.
Vendor: Microway
Product: Navion-DC Series of SMP Servers
Availability: Now
For more information: (508) 746-7341;

SAS Expands Offerings

SAS rounds out its Scientific Discovery Solutions suite with two additional products: the SAS Genetic Marker, software that helps with genotype analysis, and SAS Proteomics, software that helps with the identification of protein biomarkers. The products can be used in conjunction with SAS Microarray software for microarray data analysis. Data from all three products can be shared using SAS Research Data Management, a data repository and analysis management platform.
Vendor: SAS
Product: SAS Genetic Marker and SAS Proteomics
Availability: Now
For more information:
(800) 727-0025;

Sun Powers Up Sun Fire Server Line

Sun offers the AMD dual-core Opteron processor across its entire x64 line of products. The first of these systems to use the new Opteron CPU is the Sun Fire V40z server, which has four processor sockets, so the dual-core version will give users an 8-way system. Sun says the dual-core V40z systems will have a list price about the same as single-core systems when they were first introduced last year (that price was $38,995). Sun stresses the energy efficiency of its systems, saying they offer substantial operational cost savings in both electricity and cooling requirements.
Vendor: Sun Microsystems
Product: Sun Fire V40z with Dual-Core Opteron
Availability: Now
For more information: (800) 555-9786;

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