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Special Report: The 2006 Bio-IT World Life Sciences Conference + Expo

May 12, 2006 | This year’s Bio-IT World’s Life Sciences Conference + Expo attracted nearly 2,000 attendees to Boston for our fifth annual convention. 

Life Sciences Conference + ExpoDelegates heard from a trio of outstanding keynote speakers and a faculty of more than 100 scientists, executives, and IT professionals; toasted the “Best of Show” winners; welcomed the official launch of the BioIT Alliance; and enjoyed an entertaining production of Paul Mullin’s play The Sequence.

The following pages present some of the highlights of the 2006 conference.  We look forward to hosting the 2007 event next spring in Boston.

Kurzweil: Life Is the Fast Lane
Stefansson: Decoding the Genetics of Common Disease
Roses: Personalized Medicine's Rosy Picture

Genomic Medicine & Technology
Interpreting Genes and Genomes

E-Clinical Trials & Research
Clinical Speakers Enjoy Industry Acceptance

IT/Informatics Solutions
Scientists Need to Mash It Up
Spearheading the Semantic Web
Get Serious About Information Mining

IDG Venture Summit
Buyers' Panel: What Biopharma Wants

Ashburner Receives Bioinformatics Award
2006 Best of Show Winners
2006 Best of Show Products

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