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March 12, 2007

Michael BallGenoLogics Life Sciences Software
Michael Ball

How has your company adapted and responded to the changing economic climate in the past five years when so many others companies did not?

GenoLogics was established in 2002 to address the complexities and challenges of life science research. Our company has always put customers first and focused on delivering optimal value when developing software solutions. We are pragmatic about how we decide on new product features and always involve our customers when validating our decisions. We treat our customers as partners, and we work with them as we develop our product roadmap. Our investors have a long-term view, giving us the freedom to invest in our core platform while we develop quality science-purposed products.

What is your vision for the future of the life sciences market over the next several years?

We see the life sciences market moving towards translational medicine, systems biology, data standardization, and higher-throughput instruments and technologies. In particular, there is a growing awareness of the need for data interoperability within life sciences. Interoperability will propel standardization and collaboration in the coming years. We believe these four trends will drive the way life sciences research is approached, and labs will require new enabling platforms and technologies to be successful.

What products and services does your company provide, and what special capabilities do they offer the life sciences market?

GenoLogics has approached the lab and data management challenge from three angles to create a unique, robust software solution specific to life sciences. Our solutions act as the central nervous system in a single- or multi-lab environment. They provide LIMS functionality, are built on a configurable, adaptive informatics platform, and enable proteomics and genomics researchers to take a translational research or systems biology approach. GenoLogics’ solutions allow IT experts to support a single, open platform; scientists to focus on their research; bioinformaticians to focus on algorithms and analytics; and they enable managers to focus on operational efficiency, thereby increasing productivity and providing better responsiveness.

Partnerships are an effective way to track life science advances and ensure that your company delivers timely products and services. Which life sciences companies or organizations have you partnered with or invested in and why?

Building long-term partnerships with best-in-class companies and industry organizations is a high priority for GenoLogics. We currently have strategic partnerships with high-value analytics companies, such as Proteome Software, GeneBio and BSI, enabling our customers to implement end-to-end lab and data management solutions tailored to their needs. We are also working with select instrument vendors, such as Applied Biosystems, who realize their customers need help to manage the barrage of data that is being generated by their instruments. We actively participate with standards organizations to drive standardized data formats such as caBIG, FUGE, and HUPO-PSI initiatives. Finally, we have partnered with a number of research institutions including the Fred Hutchinson CRC and the Institute for Systems Biology, to ensure that high-value open source software is available to our customers in a useable format.

What are your most exciting products and initiatives in development, and how will they improve life science research?

GenoLogics recently launched Geneus — a best-in-class lab and data management system that brings unparalleled efficiency, productivity, and robustness to genomics centers engaged in genotyping and gene expression. Geneus provides all of the powerful core capabilities of OMIX, our open, configurable informatics software platform, and is complementary to Proteus, our proteomics solution. We are continuing to expand the capabilities of the OMIX platform in 2007, to support emerging life sciences techniques and technologies. OMIX operates like the central nervous system in a lab allowing customers to integrate multiple labs and data from multiple sciences, enabling enterprises to take a translational medicine or a systems biology approach.

Where do you see your company in five years?

Five years from now GenoLogics intends to be the recognized industry leader in LIMS and informatics solutions for life sciences research enterprises. Our solutions will be implemented in multiple labs and across multiple sciences within global organizations including the many of the largest pharmaceutical, biotech, research institutes and academic facilities in the world.

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