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Bio-IT Briefs

June 14, 2006

QLogic and Revivio announced a strategic alliance enabling channel partners to deliver the industry’s first intelligent storage network-based continuous data protection (CDP) solutions. Leveraging the QLogic SANbox 8000 Storage Services Platform and Revivio TimeOS version 5.0 software, the solutions will enable channel partners to meet new levels of CDP, the companies say.

With the help of Interactive Supercomputing Star-P software, Australian scientists at the Howard Florey Institute, Flinders University, and University of Queensland will soon be able to rapidly analyze large MRI data sets that may someday reveal correlations between brain structure and conditions such as ADHD, Alzheimer’s, auditory hallucinations, and primal urges.

Elsevier MDL has released PharmaPendium an online drug safety resource that includes searchable access to FDA approval packages. It provides a longitudinal view of preclinical, clinical, and post-market safety data, which allows researchers to determine what observed effects in animals translate to humans for similar candidate compound drugs.

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