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New Products

April 15, 2005

Simplifying Pathway Analysis
Teranode has released a Pathway Analytics Solution package, an offering that uses new features in the company's Design Suite software to help simulate and model molecular and cellular pathway systems, as well as analyze and incorporate lab data associated with pathways experiments. For example, Teranode's Design Suite can be used to create and view models of biological systems and to analyze and view lab data. This is accomplished through a tight integration with the KEGG (the Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes) database. With this integration, rather than designing a model from scratch, researchers are provided access to more than 18,000 pathway models.

Vendor: Teranode
Product: Pathway Analytics Solution
Availability: Now
For more information: (206) 219-3000;

Cluster in a Box
Rocketcalc has introduced the Saturn HE and EE Cluster Appliances, Opteron-based personal compute clusters aimed at researchers who need a high-performance computing system for their work. The Saturn HE and EE systems include eight low-power consumption AMD Opteron HE and EE processors and support up to 64 GB of RAM, all in a device that runs on regular electrical power and fits on a desktop. Besides offering increased processing power for computational work, the Saturn HE and EE systems can also play an important role in application development, giving researchers a development environment similar to a larger cluster.

Vendor: Rocketcalc LLC
Product: Saturn HE and EE personal clusters
Availability: Now
For more information: (330) 673-4911;

Powerful 3-D Notebook Targets Computational Research
Sharp Systems of America announced the Sharp Actius AL3D, a high-performance notebook computer with Sharp's 3-D LCD screen technology, which lets researchers view objects in 3-D without the need for goggles or 3-D glasses. The Actius AL3D includes the Intel Pentium M P750 processor, up to 1,024 MB of RAM, and the Nvidia GeForce Go 6600 graphics processor. The notebook's 15-inch XGA 3-D LCD display can be switched between 2-D and 3-D display by pushing a button on the base of the notebook. The Actius AL3D notebook works with a number life science software packages, including software from Accelrys, Tripos, and Wavefunction.

Vendor: Sharp Systems of America
Product: Sharp Actius AL3D
Availability: Now/Estimated street price is $3,499
For more information: (800) 237-4277;

LION Enhances SRS
LION bioscience announced SRS 8.1, a new version of its life science data integration platform. The new release includes a number of enhancements, including a re-designed search interface and a new Related Information Browser (RIB), which links search results found in SRS to related information. Other enhancements include support for more databases, including the Xennex and BIOBASE products databases, the ability to share results in PDF format, and the ability to issue search queries from Excel to SRS.

Vendor: LION bioscience
Product: SRS 8.1
Availability: Now
For more information: (617) 444-8485;

Bio-Rad Improves Data-Searching Capabilities
Bio-Rad Laboratories announced KnowItAll Informatics System version 5.0, a new release of its data-searching system. The KnowItAll software lets researchers who analyze biological samples using multiple spectral techniques (e.g., mass spectrometry, NMR, infrared, and Raman techniques) to simultaneously search and combine results from all the spectral information available for a given sample. The KnowItAll system also includes visualization and data-mining tools to help analyze lab data. There are also special search tools available that let researchers weight the importance of each type of data used in an analysis.

Vendor: Bio-Rad Laboratories
Product: KnowItAll Informatics System v5.0
Availability: Now
For more information: (800) 424-6723;

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