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Ingenuity Launches IPA 5.0

By John Russell

Feb. 2, 2007 | Late this month, Ingenuity Systems will take the wraps off Ingenuity Pathway Analysis (IPA) 5.0. Ingenuity is now finalizing IPA 5.0’s launch specs, and expects it to be available to all users in March.

“We don’t have exact numbers for the amount of new data added, but will soon,” said Ingenuity CTO Ramon Feliciano in an exclusive pre-launch interview with Bio•IT World. “We listened to users and wanted to support the trend we see of pathway tools being used further downstream as well as safety issues being looked at earlier.” Major changes to IPA include:

•           New and easier-to-use workflows

•           Much expanded toxicology analysis including data and analytics

•           Incorporation of clinical pathology data and endpoints

•           Enhanced ability to move beyond canonical pathways

In the tox area, “We focused [on] adding and surfacing more of our toxicological-related content into the IPA application itself and [did some] manual curation of tox gene lists to help people leverage content. We also built new analytics to allow someone do a kind of one click analysis,” said Feliciano. Researchers will be able to generate mechanism of toxicity hypotheses using toxicity response panels combined with toxicity categories.

Another upgrade to 5.0, according to Feliciano, is the ability to incorporate new data to create original pathways or modify those supplied from literature.

At least one user is singing 5.0’s praise. “We were able to quickly and easily identify molecular biomarkers in our dataset, connect them to mechanisms of disease or drug response, and then check where those proteins have been detected,” said Walter Darbonne, associate scientist at  Genentech.

In addition, 5.0 has substantial ease-of-use enhancements, and includes the addition of species and tissue filters to enable researcher to translate pre-clinical rat data into human relevance using tissue- and species-specific highlight tool features.

“We took great pains to streamline a number of workflows as well as introduce these two new solutions around tox and biomarkers. We know there is a large community of users that are underserved, and these changes should help them,” said Feliciano. “This is one of our biggest upgrades ever.”

Trials of Ingenuity Pathways Analysis 5.0 are being offered at

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