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New Products

Take a Bite Out of Discovery Time

Unleashed Informatics, a spin-off of the Mount Sinai Hospital’s Blueprint Initiative in partnership with Sun Microsystems of Canada, announced DogBox, a self-updating bioinformatics warehouse. The DogBox is a hardware/software combination that includes the Blueprint Initiative’s SeqHound database, a bioinformatics resource that gives researchers access to more than a dozen Blueprint and public informatics databases. Among the databases included are PDB, GenBank, RefSeq, and Swiss-Prot sequences, 3-D structures, pre-computed protein neighbors, redundancies, and conserved domain analyses. The preconfigured DogBox system includes a SunFire V20z dual-Opteron server with 4 gigabytes of memory and a 3-terabyte Sun StorEdge FC3511 storage system.

Vendor: Unleashed Informatics Ltd.
Product: DogBox
Availability: Now
For more information: (416) 596-6254;

Vivisimo Rolls Out Life Science Search Platform

Velocity for Life Sciences (VLS), version 4.2, is a customizable enterprise search platform that includes dynamic clustering of search results and search and metasearch capabilities. VLS allows researchers to search multiple internal and public information sources simultaneously. New is the ability to aggregate meta alerts so that, rather than accessing individual information sources, a user can create an alert that checks multiple sources and combines the findings into a single e-mail. VLS’s new collaboration features make it easier for researchers to share their search results with colleagues.

Vendor: Vivisimo
Product: Velocity for Life Sciences
Availability: Now
For more information: (412) 422-2499;

EMC Extends Centera Storage Line

Having focused on the high end of the storage arena, EMC announces a version of its Centera Content Addressable Storage  system aimed at life science companies with more modest storage needs. The four-node system can support up to 2.2 terabytes of usable storage and uses the same data and file management and archiving software as other Centera products. Nodes in this offering can be mounted in EMC Centera units or general-purpose data center equipment racks.

Vendor: EMC
Product: Centera Four-Node Configuration
Availability: Now
For more information: (866) 464-7381;

Phase Forward Upgrades InForm

Phase Forward’s new version of its Integrated Trial Management (ITM) electronic data capture system is widely used in clinical trials, includes significant new management, reporting, and analysis features, and includes a library of reports including 32 easily configurable trial management reports. There are also 18 new reports aimed at trial monitors. These reports help managers track such things as the completion status of electronic clinical report forms and recruitment progress. Also, the ITM software has many ad hoc reporting tools that allow users to create and quickly publish customized reports.

Vendor: Phase Forward
Product: Integrated Trial Management (ITM) Solution
Availability: Now
For more information: (888) 703-1122;

Biometric Mouse Controls Access

The Biometric Mouse Password Manager is an optical mouse with a fingerprint scanner. Rather than typing in a password every time a person wants to log onto a computer, application, or online account, the Biometric Mouse lets users log in by placing their finger on the device. To use the device, a user registers a password associated with his or her fingerprint and needs only to have his or her fingerprint scanned to gain access to a system or application. The software included with the device lets up to 20 different users store passwords on a single PC or laptop.

Vendor: American Power Conversion (APC)
Product: Biometric Mouse Password Manager
Availability: Now
For more information: (877) 272-2722;

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